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We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride

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{PARAGRAPH}But Yoko Zorro immediately took the case before some justice court, to denounce Sir Paul's increasing greediness I suppose? To this day, John is said to be slightly ahead in the number of songs he wrote without Paul but co-signed with him Well, somehow I can't help getting sick when I read about their disputes over money and recognition. I hate seeing the world go crazy. I'm happy Dewey, Gerry and Dan had agreed that each one would sign his own songs in the past. That was very wise of them imho, though I can't imagine them fighting over copyrights or the like. Wow Gerry! Spring Fun in perspective on that one! Good thing you didn't slam the door, btw Geeeeeee Thanks Gerry, this pic is We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride a Bonus Pic. I guess we were lucky that this Horse Picture was in the Hallway right??? Hmmm those colorful diamond shapes kinda pull out the colors in this pic to round it off Thanks Gerry you made my day for sure! Nancy asked for a bonus picture and Gerry Voltage By Sadism - Sadistik Exekution - K.A.O.S. happy to oblige. Click here to see the view of the hallway. Could have also passed for the ceiling or the floor. Whatever the arrangement, for me it's the performance that counts. I wouldn't ever think about calling in a request I'd 5:04AM - Big K.R.I.T. - The Underground Edition too afraid of muffing-up the call live! My family had a reunion planned for Dallas a number of years back. When one of my brothers from Albuquerque arrived, he told me America was scheduled to play in Albuquerque the next day. I was so mad at him for not telling me ahead of time. He said something like, "If I had told you, you wouldn't have come to the reunion. I remember looking at Bruder, Warum Hilfst Du Mir Nicht? - Udo Jürgens - Lieder, Die Im Schatten Stehen 3+4 watch and thinking about what the chances were of still making it. I resigned to the fact Kyrie - James Horner - The Name Of The Rose (Original Soundtrack) it wasn't possible. It would have been only the second time to have seen the guys in concert. Just check different DVD stores. Yes, it is a really great show. I'm so glad that I purchased. Thanks, it made me laugh. Keep sending them to us. We love them. Hi everyone! Well, the car has been fixed. I was glad to have it back so soon after my problems with it. He was a surprise guest at that show back in It was awesome. And now Maurice is gone too. It's so sad. I did see them on Live By Request and it was a great show. It figures that those phone calls are staged. It's still a fun show to watch. They'll probably show the Bee Gees again. I remember I missed it the first time it was on and was able to catch it later. I should have taped it. I'm sorry to hear that he is having problems with diabetes. I wish him well and hope he will be able to rejoin the other Moodies on tour if he desires to in the future. I don't blame you one bit for telling your wife that you sold them. Thanks again Gerry and Dewey for doing that. I really do love this CD and hope you will do more "unplugged type" recordings for us. The sound is so crisp on it too. It would be nice to hear more songs that you don't normally do live. Think about it for us diehard fans. Wow, I didn't realize they had so many albums. I don't have much by them, but I love their music. I'll have to see if some of them are still available. Maybe I can find them used. I get a lot of stuff that way. My sister and I saw it From Your Heart - Beto Vazquez Infinity* - Darkmind loved it. Nice to see a musical win after all these years. As a wonder night that spoke delight Did my 1st degree answer satisfy your thirst for knowledge? I'm not the sort to use 'dark sarcasm in the classroom. But true, sometimes we all need reminders to help avoid the most common errors in standard American punctuation. It can sometimes be confusing because there are differences between the 2 practice. Many of the errors European students make they have seen printed in books published in America and conversely. From sunrise to sunset. Taking the time to sit and watch the horizon, listening to the sound of the wind waves while sipping a glass of fine Bordeaux I'm much more romantic than you seem to think. Sorry, guy. It's really worth getting. Only 8 more days for you and I am a little envious. Sure hope they include them. As far as I'm concerned it's not part of the album and I wish I didn't have to include it. That all sounds very dire and serious so I am hesitant to think you could be kidding but I'm going to ask this The Sky Opposite (Tim Hecker Remix) - Dorian Concept - Joined Ends Remix EP (File) anyway. Who is "the label" exactly? I inferred from that in my recording industry-naive brain that that meant he put out the album. My second point of confusion is, why then is it on Go Man Go as well? Please accept my apology for my lack of knowledge regarding the recording industry. I'm just intrigued by it all. Wow, Gerry Gerry Gerry, that post was almost 3 weeks ago. Thanks for the input. It sounds like the Emerald Queen show was great, Duffy. I hope we get to hear the new material here in PA next week. Lots of stuff from HN would be great. Counting the days Thanks for the great concert review, Duffy. I'd sure like to know what the new songs were that they added to the list. That's cool that they printed the lyrics from this site. I hope I got them right LOL! Like you said Gerry, you all might be older but never better! Right away I knew something special was up. After a couple numbers Dewey told us all briefly about going to school and graduating in in England London Central, he said this because his as father was in the military and stationed there. Like TommyGirl, I quickly forgot to list the songs as we were hearing a few numbers That I have never head live, Gerry showed everyone a paper with all the lyrics that had been downloaded and printed from this site. Dewey then told everyone that we were all guinea pigs as they were trying some new things. Seems to me that they did a lot of things from HN. Well the show was sold out! There were fans on the feet after every song, 1 hour and 40 into the show and still no Sandman or Sister Golden. These two numbers were the last ones, and when everyone heard Sandman they jumped to their feet and sung along. The same thing with SGH. The noise was incredible as they all left stage, and quickly returned for HWNN. U didn't answer my Q about the quotation mark! Are u ready for We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride co-ed wrestling? That would be better than running on the beach, huh? Nothing like a little vino for gas, or is that Beano? Until next time!!!!!!!!! Hey Red, Are you trying to play Zone offense? Well, you'll find me a non-starting athlete As for the French wine story, I'll have to disallow your goal, as well. Sooo how about it Gerry, could you take a Bonus Pic from Calgary and show us another perspective from Canada??? Oooooh boy I guess this is something building architects need to start taking into consideration, when building hotels. Hmmm Kade you didn't list your other concerts you have seen! I have to admit tho I did wonder, if they really were spontaneous calls getting put on. I think the one that it was most noticeable on was Phil Collins lbr show He seemed to have a story for every song, and it just seemed as tho you could tell that he wasn't just addressing these calls right there and then I do enjoy the show oh, I like the setting and Mark McQuewen is a good commentator. Our sky here today is Awesome, it is nothing but wall to wall blue eyes with hardly no cottonball clouds at all, just lines of jet stream smoke, the bluebirds are out here in my backyard and they are warbling sooo nice. When I had drove past there We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride couple of weeks ago, to get my taxes done the whole course was covered in a thick layer of snow, but it sure was starting to show its oooh soo nice green color yesterday and NO snow in sight Sorry for getting carried away with the moment there Maybe not tho! I like the way she can sing from her Heart! Calgary must be trying to get a NBA team, thus the phrase "Shooting another brick". Is that an Olympic moment? Can't wait til Gerry gets to Pennsylvania and see what the pic is. Nancy, only 8 more days. Have u been practicing doing the "Wave" for when they do Windwave? Gennie Mae, does the period go after a quotation mark or b4? What will France do with no Americans buying wine from there? Maybe sell 2 Sudam? Until next time, the mind is a terrible thing. We don't need no education We dont need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey! Leave them kids alone! All in all it's just another brick in the wall. All in all you're just another brick in the wall. A picture is worth 1, words??!! Now I know the view from Phila. LOL Is it an encouragement, an invitation, a challenge to live our lives large? And to think some are still confined and punished! Give us more! Gerry is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada today. I think you'll really get a kick out of this one I did. Johnny, We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride don't want to spoil tonight's "Live By Request", for you or anyone else, but I thought I'd share this "behind-the-scenes" information. He is in the music business so he let me in on something- the entire show is a fraud. All the phone calls and "requests" are scripted in advance. Nothing is spontaneous. There is zero chance that you at home can call in a "request". My friend saw the actual script. Oh well, that's hollywood, right? I guess Gerry meant here to reply to Speech's post about the remake of "I Need You" which he thought could not surpass the original. Precious info, for sure! Poor Christopher Cross to go down in your memmory with this too. I have work this evening so I hope to catch the replay of it, they still do that don't they? I am remembering other times that they put it on again right after the first show. He definitely is on my wanna see list! I enjoyed when they showed all the past award winners of the Oscar, that was a neat trip down Movie memory lane. She sure was shining tho coming I Dont Need No One - Various - 26th Satanic Stomp at the end! Well I gotta go unload Missy Maytag she is calling my name! Hi Nancy! A not-so-funny story here: I attended with my brother's ditzy blond girlfriend and a friend of hers. Nothing against Cross, but the only reason I agreed to go was because I wanted to see America! Anyway, we get to the Civic Center around PM and the girls want to eat supper, so we get food at some sort of food court attached to the arena. About twenty-five minutes later, as we're munching on french fries, amidst the food court noise I hear the thumping of a bass drum and recognizable harmonies. My companions both just looked at me as I turned pale! Showtime: PM!!!! By the time we made it into the arena, I heard maybe ONE song, and the encore. I didn't speak to either girl for the rest of the night, and blond ditz got the cold shoulder for at least a few weeks! So, Nancy, it was one of the worst concerts of my life. I honestly couldn't tell you if C. Cross put on a good show or not I was fuming! I love knowing these things. Sure would welcome more info like this in the future. For those interested in tonight's program, it's 2 hours We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna RideI believe, and it starts at PM Pacific thanks Nancy for the reminder. Gerry asked me to pass Pusher - Falco - Data De Groove the following: "The only reason 'I Need You' was included on Van Go Gan is because the label insisted that I re-record it. Seems you had a wonderful first time! The same happened to me back in when they came for a series of three shows in the south of France very near MY place, actuallybecause i had to take a flight back to England where i then used to live and work The good thing for Street Fighting Man - The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones 20 Years Vol.2 is that you'll probably have your 'next time' long before i can have mine. Nancy, i have to tell you how much i envy you these days! Don' t forget to share some pics with us if you are allowed to take one or two rolls! What a good idea, Moser! I'm happy you got THE Oscar, but still don't know in what category you had previously been nominated? Anyway I have to agree with your thanking Gerry Last night - the Emerald Queen in Tacoma - I was in the second row center, and what a high!!! The show started with "Riverside," as always It was pretty close to the Plymouth playlist, but "Another Try" wasn't in there. They rocked out, and so did the audience! Couldn't choose a favorite - the harmony was good and tight, and I was on Cloud Nine! The show was everything you all told me to expect. Sadly, I did not get backstage to meet the guys. They hustled out of there pretty quickly - had a mile drive ahead of We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride. Ah well What a guitarist! Sooooo good Not so me Dewey - Gerry - you don't know - seeing you perform was a dream 20 years in the making, and I thank you for making it wonderful. See you next time! I'd like to thank the Academy, my mother, my father, my husband--Jeff, and Gerry Beckley. Thank you. We're finally out of our pj's, cleaned up, and dressed in our finest black tie attire. We made a few hors d'oeuvres and poured a bit of pseudo-champagne apple juice. If you're in the neighborhood and not afraid of a little flu bug, come on over. One thought, I always root for Nicole Kidman since her ex turned out to be such a schlep. Also, I'm looking forward to Steve Martin's hosting humor. He's great. Happy Oscars!! Bones, You never fail to bring a smile to my face. Perhaps I should have said for those of you who are keeping score or keeping track or something like that. I guess any statistician worth his salt wouldn't have to be told the percentage. Sorry to be sloppy with my word choice. Speaking of which, I thought you liked to be referred to as a wood technology teacher? Think he has one of his songs nominated too as movie soundtrack. Might have a look at it too since my 'sniffles' as you put it obviously won't leave me alone! But being confined at home is a real punition, anyway, for someone like me If I was a statistician, I could figure that out myself but seeing how I'm a "shop" teacher, I thank you for doing the math. I hope your sniffles will leave quickly, is it spring time there in your part of the world? Take care! Did anyone read Dan's 69? Edifying IMHO! Will The Pianist make it? Four of the Sweet Sixteen are Big East teams. Way to go. Do you know any internet sites where I can buy it? Hi everyone, Great view despite the penetrating coldness due to that steel-blue tone which dominates in the pic. Conform to what we expect Gerry's now obviously experimented eye to catch. But as the poet writes: ' in love, all colors are whispers from somewhere a memory borrowed for this moment of seing' Edwin Torres "Sun Colors" Moser, i too am living with 'the everpresent kleenex and medicine' fighting against a very bad flu. Guess i was too early to take advantage of the sun colors, jogging on the beach the other day A Cheerleader Movie that my We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride is presently into big time Hmmmm was one that great big SNOW cloud getting ready to explode? Nice song lyrics too, I haven't ever heard this song of hers! I got it for an excellent deal! Too much, and yes these now a day kid shows have a way of capturing us parents too don't they??? I have their first 2 LPs, they were played lots in my teenage years Dream on right! Enjoy your day all and Mo I hope your kids will be feeling better soon. I had not seen it anywhere and much less on DVD. I was just wondering It was just my youngest son's B-day, he turned 3, got lots of SB stuff! Well, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one surrounded by "SpongeMania" I have to admit, I am growing fond of Mr. I can't wait to receive it I would appreciate comments from any other fan that has it or has already seen it. I have a garage you could work on. What's your fee? If you have to ask, you can't afford it LOL! Quite all right there Steve. By the way, do you rent out, I have a garage you could work on. Today will be a similarly mundane day filled with the final Quicken work, catching up on a week's worth of the kids' homework in addition to the everpresent kleenex and medicine. So, feel free to post furiously, everyone. I will appreciate the distraction. Happy Sunday to y'ans. Hi Cathy, I can sympathize with you I had my entire collection of 'signed" LP Vinyls of the guys at home on the shelf. We were fighting over property rights when I decided to take all of them and get a safe deposit box from my bank and put them in there until the heat cooled off You're welcome, Mo. It's my fault that it didn't get posted earlier. Gerry sent it to me about this morning but I have been busy cleaning out my garage. It's one of those projects that started at 10 am and didn't end until 8 pm. I'm a little bit sore but it looks much better than it did this morning. I can even find things now LOL. I purchased a "Homecoming" 8-track tape recently that's from the UK. Oddly, the photo on the front of the cartridge isn't the same photo as the front cover of the album. You know, the one with the trio in the forest. I was quite surprised. The cartridge isn't black like the ones from the US but green instead. I wonder why Ray Thomas isn't touring with them. According to a Moody Blues fans web site, he simply doesn't want to tour anymore. According to a local radio station, it's because he has diabetes and he's suffering from it's effects. I'm guessing that the diabetes is the reason that he doesn't want to tour so both answers are probably correct. Gerry is in Tacoma, WA today. Sheldon, thanks for the info about Seals and Crofts. Too bad they don't tour, but it would be great to have a new CD. Hopefully, they will tour again. I'll have to check out that website. Moser, my son has been driving me crazy about that Never Give Up (Extended Mix) - Jinny - Never Give Up Spongebob episode too. And then he started to get upset when he thought that the pirate had unravelled the tape and that he would never see it again. As if that would ever happen. Actually, I don't really watch it, but have seen a few episodes and think they're silly but cute. I must be a little crazy too. I like Patrick. I understand it is very popular among the college kids also. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Moser and three bears Sorry for the typo I meant I'M so psyched, of course. One more complaint while I'm on a roll: If I hear "He lives in a pineapple under the sea. We're apparently waiting with much anticipation by the Bufton offspring to see SpongeBob, The Lost Episode at eastern, central. The Lost Episode? I ask you, did they lose more than one episode? They must have because from what I can tell, there are only about four episodes. They just keep playing them over and over and over. I don't think Theme From Rockos Modern Life - Various - The Best Of Nicktoons. Sadly, I live my life vicariously through the experiences shared on this folder. Well, not fully, but a little bit anyway. What seems to be the difficulty here people? I've been home all week with sick kids who aren't shaking the flu bug very easily. I love them and all but am suffering, quite frankly, from a bit of cabin fever. Help me out here. Would somebody please post something for me to read or view? By the way, Cathy Rink, thank you for your humorous posts. You acted very rationally in my opinion. One should never leave the America tunes behind in a time of danger. That's what I call priorities. The countdown is down to nearly nine days. Can you stand it, Nancio? I so psyched. Unfortunately, they do not tour anymore. They did tour in or I think but it was a small tour. However, they have completed a new album but it has not been released yet. So there is hope that they may tour again It's We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride again. I just wanted to tell you about something that happened to me the other night. I had a bit of a scare and my actions went with my heart towards America and not necessarily with my head. I was driving home and the temperature light came on in my car. I thought, oh no this is not a good thing, but was hoping to make it home without incident. A few minutes later, I smelled something like burning rubber. At this time, my panic button had definitely been pressed!!! I immediately pulled over into the closest parking lot and at this point was thinking that my vehicle was possibly on FIRE!! I was alone in the car. Did I just get out as quickly as I could. Well, I jumped out of the car, but first grabbed my purse and the bag that was on the front seat next to me that has my precious America CD's in it I almost always have them with me. I jumped out of the car and started yelling for help. Someone who was driving thru the parking lot stopped and ran up to the door of the business there which happened to be a tire, minor auto repair shop that was closed for the night. Fortunately there was someone still there. He ran over to the car I had backed away and was too scared to touch it. He threw up the hood a lot of smoke was pouring out from under it. I was very lucky that the car wasn't actually on fire I have a close friend whose car caught on fire. I was so relieved, but still shaking. I then had to have the phone operator interrupt a phone call my husband was on at the house I kept getting a busy signal so I could tell him what happened and to come get me. Fortunately, this wasn't too far from where I We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride. My actions probably weren't the smartest under the circumstances, but it just goes to show We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride you don't always think rationall y Oyster Girl - Bob Roberts - Breeze For A Bargeman an emergency. The guy at the auto shop told me that I could leave the car there and if it was just a hose, they could fix it the next day. I thought how many times can that happen? But, the problem is much worse than that. I We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride to have the car towed somewhere else because a very expensive part needs to be replaced. Well, it's an old car, but I'll have to get it fixed because I can't afford a new one just yet. They were quite distracted characters has not yet been announand fell in to tears. Marco and Gu is - ced. Entered a t the Postoffice at Peru, Nebraska, as second class matter. Hasting's Victorius four left to straighten out matters. Single cop,y5 cents. They put on a real famil y quarOmaha Technical, 2 to 1, in the final box in the Administration building. They were accompanied by Professor rel. The Duchess explained to her debate of the first annual high school daughter how she learned to love the Benford on the piano. The climax is reached when the Ne braska. She tells them how bating season for Chadron. F owler - Ass't. She to keep him from harm, and that he We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride the negative debated the state Re orter was accompan ied by Mrs. Clements is t he real king. Marion Lamb epot et Ier, with the violin. As Mr. Rhodes annou 1- danc in g, a nd the wife probl em satis- andoa h by the T abor Oratorio society. It would soon come to be felt th e m. O- costumes; a nd to Miss Root, of th e. Chadron college held a four state 8el ves outstanding- ath l etes. P eru an d Chadr on Boxing Club Peru in th e p ast f ew year s h as b e en getting n ew ted lecture in Professor Clayburn's Doane were the on ly two Nebraska The Chadron boxers and wrestlers m aterial r ough h ewn. F'rom: that material h as b een Burn It Down - Killer Dwarfs - Big Deal in the basement of the li brary state conference teams to ente r. Melton, Brockman, Waym ire, and The Chadron Sophomores have t h at respect does training display itself. Per u ath letes j In the morning of the same d ay, Coach Lon Graf. Champi o n s hips in ath letics are interested in growing fruit. The result IS. Tl ft. Iass room Ill. It is an undisputed. For All-Staters tary sctence on ly, had died. Continued from p age 1. Peru Where Did Our Love Go - Sinitta - Naughty Naughty - c hang e of pace. Some one answers. Maim was spoken of as dozen modern nations whose people protests the first, "I don't know how. That is just the troub le. Too many being tall enough to be dan gerou s "France h as an iliteracy of 15 per t imes though ts are thrown out perDr. At conference. Weaver Kerse nbrock, la n ky Doane cente r, wobbled frequently in t he past ce n- infidelity. The students of Peru college sive r esearch studies of plant roots. Coe, was r ev iewed by Miss J essie mn intnined hi s position as high point peop! We know are very f ortunate in knowinrr and In ad dition to being a first class lec- Givens, president. Arguments were The Equitables - T & T Carnival Bacchanal he rose to great he1g hts agnmst Lions. W eaver to Peru. All membig ban g in the Panth mach ine. The lectu r e wi ll be over :. Hoyt has accompltshecl, this one m ission is charged. Sigma Tau Delta f raternity, namely, would have g iven the locker room to will be an outslaning memorial to At the reg ular meeting of Sigma Gamma Beta at Morni ngside college have. W ork," a nd Gladys Pierce spoke on! Cont inued fr om P age 1 Miss Towne, had a very difficult tim e to d ecide upon t h e best costum e. Prizes were awarded before the fourtee nth and last dance, t o Mrs. Mon a Lyon and Louise Mora n w ere. I Shumard, Good, t hird str ing ; Kre- Mrs. Cagle says of h e r son: He. J Bog1e, R'1ggms. W'll' but If men t. Jo h anna Z a b le, a Iso a new pr o- C! Bud Todd is Todd's son. He is conHaines, in a real college picIt isn't, though. It j ust came "Our sidered by his f a mily and ot hers to be Over Ba rnes' Pharmacy. You r ture. Also Comedy, I half-witted. Tom Mix in one of his latest. Drop i n. Also News. Two other characters a re t he Don't. We call and deliver. Colleen Moore i n Zeig fie ld's. Office a t in hi s la test production, "John. The man ia ge of Miss Dorothea. Bot h youn g people gradua ted f r om the N ebr aska City hig h school in He seemed t o fe el as many other debaters f eel t hat t he only activi ty on t he co llege campus today that calls fo r orig ina l and independe nt thi nking, is foren sic work. Continued from P age 1 Contin ued from P age 1 is nothing exciting about it except Ot hers yet to answer the ca ll are: of the club t h is semester. Higgins h as been assisting II Cagle:. He IS. A complete rostrum of larnin' t au ght me to respect some- with t he P eru Prep boys, a nd was able. Lincoln wrote the Gett ysburg address while riding fr om W ashing ton to Gettys bu rg on a n e nvelope. Bob B. Rue B: Ca n't te ll ye t ; wait until h e turns around. Salesman : This book will do h a lf your work for you. Freshi 'l : Good, give me two of t hem. T :1e silen ce was unbrok en, For the r e w as no one ther e. Howard Bruns don has quit school and has taken up t he management of some acres of land near Springfield, Missouri. He intends to r eturn for graduation in May, by taking absentia work he will be ab le to earn the require d amou nt of credit yet needed to get a n A. A lengthy discussion was carried on concerning class pins a nd as yet Continued from Page 1 no decis ion has been made about the possession and control of the t he design of t he pin. Commenceother side, it shall be dec lared dead at ment cards and invitations were dis, the point of recovery. The forward pass idea wa5 not vot- cussed. Somo of the publications li sted in To speed up U:c game. J th1 ee Newspape r Annual and Directo ry We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride number of times out, which a team dated J anuary 1,also apmay take in eithec h alf without pen- pear in t Ascot Gavotte - Dick Hyman & Ruby Braff - Music From My Fair Lady latest issue. They are our a lty. A restriction w:1s We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride. N ort h A mencan. Continued from Page 1 Doyle exp lained what an opera w as, and the difference between grand opera and comic opera. He also talked of the Gondoliers which was given Saturday night. I I Hazel Hend er son, Sylvia's friend. Marion Marsh is debate coach the, past two weeks and when weath. Hill and Carter made an petition in the Nebraska conference. The t r ack cantain for h as not elected, but Coach Graf says, "We'll get to t hat prelty soon. Shorty is a sprin ter and. Jus t one door south of the old store. Men, come in a nd see our new Caps 5 2 00 and Dress Shirts; Sl. It would be well for stud - I. U ents if they wou ld take advan tage of some of these latest boo ks. In t he month of F-e bruary t he brar y received mor e new books. McElroy has also been workin g j out on the pole vault. Heywood, McGuire, and Devenport. U Phone 52 52 Furthermore, we can rest assur ed of 9 Phone point winnin g timber toppers in New officers of the Y. An impressive installation ceremony was carried out under the direction of t he retiring We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna RideMiss Marion D oddere r. She was accompan ied on the piano by Ida We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride. Ten centers, loo, at th a t; T hen gave a nickel to the church W hen the deacon p assed the h at. The fo ll owmg. After the luncheon Prof. Kansas City T imes. Police Katie Mae Blues - Lightnin Hopkins - Houston Town Blues or Joe Butler! Oma h a 3 i! S cene : Library of Mrs. Scptnnus Pt ckenng. Tht's conr. W esDavenpo rt, Earnest Hasselblad, and rall y. Midland was r epre. Directed by Mar garet Mahaffey. Wa ldo Willhoft se rved as Hewitt, the man who prar. Certain specific prov isions of. The negati ve case was built on a We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride one I1 K utn m h bemg fito gf 1ve as. R1ley, e. Wayn e Catlett of wrJy t ha t left an impression not cast n on t 11e m este ry o tee mque an ily erased. Loveless, one of t. For Pawnee, Linn and Barclay stood Several teams have -partrcq; aled m 1 out as t h e best Omaha debates I. Continued on page 2 I out-st all members of the St. J oe quintet. M 1 Peru, F lorme Elhott s persistent and. I n 1 the local fl oor by 1u g. Ther e was a contmual cla sh o to Fremont, Wednesday, March 16. This a il 1 ing of the K. T hey g ills' team de bated w ith a well seas. They fought ka a ggr egatiOn to but few talhes m IPla11t Taxonomy, y m r. The debate was f ar. There w1 e no new courses o er. If th doubtcdly be soon placed. One t hing noticeable. T he debaters were. Auburn, havmg a mastery of Ius rna- g-entlemanly a nd considerate. T he atnamcnt. Ganzel, al so a f ormer P eru- ter ial, nnd not bein g at nil fette r ed by mosphere of the whole college was. M h e for next year. A sp ecJa. The K. I Eskovah - Come To Me / Long Time Smoker Co. Red Clou d. Cassius Kennedy, Auburn; J udge F. Radke, Tecumseh ; Attor ney. It m1g ht be of m teres t t o know t hat. A deCisiOn was The next day at the team went Fred (Id Be) A Legend In My Time - Ray Price - Another Bridge To Burn r endered. Bran t. Continued on page 2. Cont inued from P age 1 year. Ma rion Dodderer has a ccepted election at Neligh, Nebraska, for next year. Single cop,y, 5 cents. Fowler -- - - Ass't. English position anon at Lyons. Cotner and Mar yville. The auditorium was given Thursday, March 10, by was fi lled with an interested audience t he Chermaosky br oth ers, all of of students, f aculty and visit or s. Peru's whom are nati ve Russ ians. The M - -th. St r tmp le and Mr. J:ac ons, s u: Broken Indicator - Q-Man - Illuminated snum' 1h e1r. Ch a t e 1am p en We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride t he Womens at hletic a ssociat ion eru t eam was. Maryville deb at e whic h will deter - The! Peeps from last year 's leaves below. He gave an Illus trated lect ure. Cl Ere russet fi elds their g r ee n r esume, afternoon at Bo1se Of all her train, the hands of Spring a great deal. First p lant thee in the watery mould, 1t wn 1s bemg done anc1 1t 1s a 1so a 1 And I have seen thee blossoming! Hoppert ex plained about thesingers. That eve- 1and popular num ber s. The debate was good. Iwa ter and th. The fri ends in dar ker fortunes tried. I copied t hem- but I regr et foothills, but no cons1derat10n I S ma de. I And wh en ag ain t he g enial hour opttnm sbc charact en sbc of the S h e 11as Ethel 1 the eo le here. Bratton Union - - 2 2 Ten univer s ities, fifteen colleges, 1 When is a girl r eady to mar r y? Hertz spe nt the week-end at t heir Mr. Clayburn will offer a new Humboldt -- -- -- - - 2 and eleven hig h schools optside of 2 What are the cha racterist ics of homes in Malvern, Iowa. North America. It will be given the Te'c umseh 0 4 minar y Burn It Down - Killer Dwarfs - Big Deal car ds a lready received. Two new courses are t o be offer ed Syr acuse, at Syracus e. Auburn re- westem of t he W est er n Confe rence; 4 How can she select her course of iXJ th e history depar tment. The ta ins a lead, but h as yet to show h er Oklahoma, Nebraska, a nd Wa shington s tudy s o a s to fit herself for worthy Chr istine R asmussen h as J'ecent ly Dar k Ages will be offered th e fi rs t st r ength with a n a ffirmative ca se. McKeever and you will find each. Pract ica lly all of th e. Men's clothes are p retty much lik" ba sketball theory, ea ch t er m with Women's club f or t he Good Night Irene - Jimi Hendrix - Little Richard - Friends From The Beginning Con- ' and Notre Da me. F or R eal Value inves1 1, m custom made. CEJ KA. Special class p robable entr ants, inc luding Oklahoma, Misouri and Nebraska, G. The early a dvance indicators pr o- chant Tailor, Clean er. It wa s g iven by Per u Dramatic club. Meals ers, Ok laho! By Wi lli am Cullen Bryant. P rof: I w ill use my head to r epreMRS. Beck, w1fe of a f orme r member St uden t : Yes! Is Mars inhabited? I Florid a, to the positi on of edito r. The Y. Unde r Loyal P ha rmacy. The m fl r mar y 1s pa n and K or ea a lso t he tour will F olks, we have been here long. Come in Miss H elen Ca thcar t, who h as been be learned of Chinese condit ions. The pa rty will reach t he U nit ed St a tes To get a n A any time f or a nyt hing in our con fine d to t he sic k bed f or some t ime lin e. We have added. Smith is at presen t in th e Clarkson Hosp Joy Salinas - Bip Bip (Remix) (File) a bout Aug ust She h as j ust recent ly un. Jera li on fo r m asto ids. I just stood for a hardly overestimate t he 'e ducationa l t a nd s ocial value of a t our of t h is! I Cant Look Away - Trevor Rabin - Cant Look Away p in. A lso News Reel. Phone 62 the most g org-eous p ic t ures to get the benefit of t h Y. Confer l ll. Also a comed. Hanna, Wyoming, was. Caldwell of Green River, Wyoming. Br1' ng "'er" in and let our -mechani cs. D a n a h as appea red 1 as a t hreat this seasonalthoug h Da Let Me Dream - Lloyd Charmers - Sweet Memories a before h as never app ear ed At rong. The teams ' broke even in a. Cha dron, li ke P e Accidental Vinegar - Filaria - Bruce Lee Perry u, See us whe n We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride need of is j ust ge tti ng its mement um in deba ti ng. Grand Island will have a du a l wi t h Centr al this week. Harold Johnson: If you have any change, she is not a gold digger. Waldo Willhoft acted as judges in a; members of the Omaha club and. The girl who is cons1dermg stenoi. The program was se e. Weaver of the University of 1 tails of my wor. Peru conttibuted the amount opposite their secret thaVt as. The for it inwon in, Collins 2. Deck 2. Clark 2. Whitfield 2. I was FOR than one susnected. Edison Pettit, Peruvian of wayPolish and Laces back, has distinguished himself again There were a number of visitors in his chosen field, that of astronomy C. A western paper has this We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride say W. Delzell l. Patterson 1. Pettit arrived in Tucson at F. Johnson, D. Pharmacy The delicate I' instrument enables the physician to I: "dish out" as much of the "medicine". It can record the bead l G of a candle light 1ooo miles distant. Pettit's comment on his invention. Comments on Mars. Quality Foods Lowest Prices. They were accompanied on the piano by Professor Benford. On Wednesday, March 16, the pro. This was indeed a well sellected program. It was composed of the Everett's kitchen symphony or1 chcstra. Such instruments were usedas a funnel, jelly glasses, brooms, cookie pans, an old tire, dish pans. Joe Jones acted as director of the orchestra. Helen Epler accompanied on the piano. Miss Ethel Coatney sang several pop1 ular numbers. A review of days to come was presented by the club staring, IMisses Evangeline Byram and 'Mike' : Lamb, as two hoboes who had met on their travel around the globe. Judge 1. Phone 22 Phone 22 Several of the. This is considerable warmer than the probable temperature on top of Mt. Will mean a savinsr of several dollars to you in the purchase of a Coat or Dress at Wessel's. We handle the quality kind. Styles are correct, and at less than large city prices. Speaks Here. The cusses pecta ea u date has been set for Anril 15 and Lewis of Wayneas discuss ion leader. Claude P. Fordyce, associate cd- c ussed are: itor of Outdoor Life magazin e, au1. Should the Emphasis be placed on th e subject of special feature on We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride method s ide or the content writing at a meeting of Sigma Tau s ide of a co urse? What s hall be required s ubjects Delta in the faculty room last Monand where shall they come? P eru inbut several g uests were invited by structors have been g iven chairmanthe fraternity- namely, Libbie Ku- s hip of Latin, mathematics, commer kral, J oe Jones, Myrlin McGuire, c ia! Wells, Grace Petersen, Grace Te ar. An automobile ride about the city Mrs. Fordyce and Miss Maddox also and a banquet in the eveni ng will attended the meeting. Fordyce gave an intensely pracSaturday morning's program will ' tical talk on the subject of writing Continued on last page. Fordyce has achieved national attent ion with hi s outdoor articles, and! Verne E. Those of the squad who took part in the intercollegiate debates are: Leona Sparks, Ernest Hassel. At any rate the Northwest State Teachers college of Maryville, MisThat Peru is coming to the fore- souri, established t hei r case well en front in d ebatin g was qu ite evident ough to defeat Peru debaters Friday, in the attitude taken by the g irl's team when they debated the Cotner March 25, in t he college auditorium, g irl's We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna RideTuesday nig ht, and won by a two to one discision. Strong constructive speeches and fiery rebut- well discussed-so well in f We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride that tals were not Jackin g, and it may be the most casual of readers on the s aid with all due consideration tha t subject of farm relief should have left the debate was one of the best this the debate well informed on this viyear. The Cotner team was composed of Peru, upholding the affir. Deaver of dette Yeo. South Hi gh, Omaha; Mr. Moran, C1ty, and Mr. Showalte:, deb. AI- coach at Omaha Techmcal htgh thoug h this deba te had no bea ring school. Peru was unmerciful m rebuttal. Tr ack stock at Peru has taken a ncr girls. The debate was well at- a nother victory in the NebraskaHe brought out how the demand mul- considerable jump s ince the season of tended. Missouri Debate Leag ue. He explained editorial have a well balanced team with p. College Makes c hances t o finish in first p lace, but the methods, and what to avoid in writ- winners in a lmost every event in a Ch. D Maryville "disagreers" got in some ing. There must be something wrong with some of the s tron gest teams in NeThe mus ic department h We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride g rown! A Lo ntld another to t he faculty. Wag ner will be from P eru, Wednesday. Cinder pound- c. Wag ner h as his A. Th e preparation, prices, markets, and the field. He has had co nsiderable expe. He had charge of the g lee 1D a s 7 5 of Dr. F ordyce that he unloaded him- der p a ths are worn smooth and the clubs a nd c horuses at P enfield hig h Om:h --U I tau g ht vo1ce and had charge of the p. It was like In the yard, yard, an d ' g lee clubs at Parker College, Winne- e! Ce ntral - - - 4 5 ers has been m ade. It appeared in Mr. The atmosohere of the eve- veteran from '26, Zook, Tecumseh Hi June. After the talk fl ashWilli ams, Kerner, Beckard, music department of which Price Chadron -- - n ver satile performers1 a forum discussion was held, and D r. Carter, ZornKalternborn, and Cald- Doyle is head, the other two bein g Grand Island - - - 0 5 1t h ree more We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride in wer e placed Fordyce answered all Balada O Nama - Miroslav Ilić - Dajem Reč., and well- they are capable of ; ny amount V. J indra, d irec tor of orchestra Luther College has debated a f ew on the honor roll and eighteen were willingly suppli ed m embers of the of speed down to 10 seconds f lat. They lost to Dana at tire number four men were Bobcats for. Midand twice with no decision. The remaining nineArrangements w ill probably b e poi nts in the state meet. Besides Conside rin g the fact that mos t of teen places w e re filled by p layers from made to secu re Dr. Fordyce is the son of Dill on winnin g by n few yards. Willi ams. Bogle saw action las t ancl' his M. Chate lai n er, Omaha Uni. Touring Afoot, Trail Craft. He contem - Wi ll h ave t he people who w ere inex- W asley an d H ertz re ce ived honorable Your Vast P laygrou nd, are the titles very easily h appen and any one of r: Iates using i. He ha s above quintet may step out to p os t year's debating back of them. A c omplet e list of the players on w r itte n for Sunset, Outdoor Life, up a new mark. Journalism Frate rnity? Continued on pag e 3. Cont inued on page 3. Fow ler - - - - - Ass't. Reserved seats 75c. Spri ng is here. Pe m is at its best. Where to go? T hat question is easily answered. W h at do you wan t to find? G7sus4 G7 Fdim C ring I'm in the mood. Fm I'm not in love. Fm I'd like to see you. Fm I keep your picture. Eb a long time for me Cm7 a long time Eb a long time for me Cm7 a long time. Em7 A9 D D6. Bm7 Em Am D live for the fortune - some people live just for the fame Bm7 Em Am D live for the pow-er, yeah - some people live just to play the game. Cmaj7 Bm Am Gmaj7 D C m7 Bm7 E7 Do we simply turn our heads. Gmaj7 E7 It had to be you. G F9 Em7 G6 G D It must be love. Am Bm7 Nothing more, nothing Instrumental: Am. Am Bm7 Nothing more, nothing. Harburg, and Harold Arlen, Orig. C 7 If you be-lieved. C7 Dm7 Eb6 E6 If you be-lieved in me. Goode G7 Who never ever learned to read or write so well C But he could play a guitar just like a-ringin' a bell Chorus:. F7 Go Johnny go! Johnny go! C Belladonna - Siouxsie And The Banshees* - Hyaena Go! Johnny B. C He used to carry his guitar in a gunny sack C Go sit beneath the tree by the railroad track F7 Old engineers would see him sittin' in the shade C Strummin' with the rhythm that the drivers made G7 When people passed him by they would stop and say, C 'Oh my, but-that little-country-boy could play' Chorus C His mother told him, 'someday you will be a man C You will be the leader of a big ol' band F7 Many people comin' from miles around C Will hear you play your music when the sun go down G7 Maybe someday your name'll be in lights C Sayin' 'Johnny B. Goode tonight' Chorus. G Am D7. Repeat from V1, and then repeat last line of V3 Literal translation: The sea, dancing along the clear bays; with glints of silver, the sea; reflections changing beneath the rain; the sea, under the summer sky with its white sheep; pure as angels, the sea; shepherdess of azure infinity; look: near the salt lakes; those tall wet reeds; look: the white birds and the rust-coloured houses; the sea has rocked them along the clear bays and with a song of love, the sea; has cradled my heart throughout my life. G Em Come down. Oh no, no, no! F7 snap Oh, no no, no! G7 I'm ever coming home. C7 Take the last train to Clarksville and I'll meet you at the station. C7 You can be here by four-thirty cause I've made your reservation F7 snap Don't be slow. G E9 Am7 Cm Learn to croon. Bm7 Em7. Bm7 E7 We. A7 D Bm7 Em7 Why shouldn't we. Spoken intro over chord X and clapping boompa-da-da : Come on everybody. I'm gonna sing my song. C m7 F m7 Bm7 Go do it. C Am D7 G7 Love is. I will be there to share for-ever - love will keep us tog-ether D D6 Said it before and I'll say it again, while others pretend Dm Dm7 I need you now. E7 I will, I will, I will, I wi - - ll! Ab6 Bbm7 Now on the sidewalk. Sunday morning uh-huh Eb7sus4 Eb7 Ab6 Lies a body. A6 A-there's a tugboat, hu-hu-huh. B6 C m7 Now Jenny Diver. Dmaj7 Baby won't you help me to under-stand. B Em7 Michelle. F 7 Bm7 Oh, what you mean to me. B Em7 I love you. Sweet boy syn-co-pate your ma-ma! A7 D7 That's why I've got the Mil-en-berg. D9 G7 C Mister Sandman, bring me a dream. Sandman bring us. Sand - man. A7 Dmaj7 Am7 D7 Gmaj7 Look at me. I'm misty and too much in love Instrumental:. Opt: can play Am7 as throughout. C6 F9 4 It must have been moonglow Bm7 A G9 F 9 F9 E9 We. Gmaj7 Cmaj7 Gmaj7 Is your mouth a little weak? Gmaj7 G7 When you open it to speak C Are you smart? Em6 A7 D6 Your eyes. D6 Em7 A7 I. D6 Em7 And I'm. Em7 A7 You know. D6 more than you'll ever know A7 D. Once he had the blues, so he took a cruise, far away from nightclubs and from saxophones. G dim Am7 D7. G G dim Am7 D7 They kiss-ee-and-hug-ee. C Bb F real nowhere man - sitting in his nowhere land Bbm F all his nowhere plans for nobody Bbm F all his nowhere plans for nobody Bbm F all his nowhere plans for Make Her Bleed - Discordance - Ripper. We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride G D real nowhere man - sitting in his nowhere land Gm D all his nowhere plans for nobody Gm D all his nowhere plans for nobody Gm D all his nowhere plans for nobody. Yes, oh. Bb Dm Eb Cm F7sus4 to fade. Em7 I laughed at all his words D Em7 I thought he was a bitter man. D Em7 I wish that I knew what I know now. D Em7 The Can Can's such. D C E7 Boards on the window. F G7 C A7 O-phelia. C E7 The old neighbourhood. Honey, you know, I'd die for you-hoo C E7 Ashes of laughter. F C G7 C Was it somethin' that some-body said? Honey, you know, I'd die for you-hoo C E7 They got your number. C Em F C Somewhere over the rainbow. I love you". C Em F C I hear babies cry and. I watch them grow F C E7 Am. Boomchicka boomchicka C clap-clap clap clap-clap clap Wait! Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman Am clap-clap clap clap-clap clap Wait! Postman wait a minute Mister Postman G snap Please check it and see - one more time for me you betta C Am Wait a minute, wait a minute oh yeah wait a minute, wait a minute oh yeah F G snap Please Mister Po-oh-oh-oh-ostman - deliver the letter, the sooner the better C Wait a minute, wait a minute wait a minute Mister Postman to fade. Em7 Am7 Em7 Am7 Que reste-t-il. Dm7 G7 Am7 Em7 Une pho-to, vieille pho-to. Dm7 G7 Gm7 C7 Un souvenir. Dm7 D7 Que reste-t-il de tout cela. Cm Bb Ab Les mots, les mots tendres qu'on murmure. E7 Just let me hear some of that. Bdim Cm7 F7 Duckie. I still need some company. Bb Bbm6 Scotch and soda. Bbmaj7 Bbm6 Dry martini. I feel high. Am D7 She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah. She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah. Am F C Yeah! Well no one told me a-bout Am F Am D. Am7 D Am7. Chorus: D7 G7 Shine on, shine on, harvest moon. Shiver me timbers. Repeat all, then slow last line. Fm7 Bb7 Oh! F m Bm7 C 7 You load sixteen tons, and whaddya get? I want to go home First Chorus. Am7 G Well I feel so broke. I wanna go home. I wanna go home Second Chorus. C Smile, though your heart is aching Em7 Smile. C7 F descending bass Me and you are subject to, the blues now and then G But when you take the blues and make a song, C Dm G7 You sing them out again, sing them out again C G Song sung blue, weepin' like a willow G C Song sung blue, sleepin' on my pillow C7 F descending bass Funny thing, but you can sing it with a cry in your voice G C G7 And before you know it start to feelin' good - you simply got no choice C Song sung blue. G Song sung blue. C7 Funny thing, but you can G Before you know it start repeat to fade. F descending bass sing it with a cry in your voice C G7 to feelin' good - you simply got no choice. E7 D7 A7 Strange brew killin'-what's-inside of you. A7 then mute D7 Strange brew. E7 D7 A7 snap Strange brew killin'-what's-inside-of you. D7 G7 Ah. I love you. Em you kiss me I'm still not certain that you love me D you hold me I'm still not certain that you care Em keep on saying you really, really, really love me D the same We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride to someone else when I'm not there? Bm D Suspicion. D Em Every time you call me and tell me we should meet to-morrow Em D I can't help but think that you're meeting someone else to-night D Em Why should our romance just keep on causing me such sorrow? Em D Why am I so doubtful whenever you are out of sight? D7 No gal made has got a shade on. Sweet Georgia Brown G7 Two left feet, oh, so neat, has. Sweet Georgia Brown C7 They all sigh, and want to die for. D7 It's been said she knocks 'em dead when. Dm A7 Dm A7 Fellows she can't get. D7 All those gifts some courters give to. Sweet Georgia Brown, G7 They buy clothes at fashion shows with. Tip your hat! Oh, joy! She's the cat! F A7 D7 Who's that, Mister? E7 No gal made has got a shade on. Sweet Georgia Brown A7 Two left feet, oh, so neat, has. Sweet Georgia Brown D7 They all sigh, and want to die for. E7 It's been said she knocks 'em dead when. Em B7 Em B7 Fellows she can't get. E7 All those gifts some courters give to. Sweet Georgia Brown, A7 They buy clothes at fashion shows with. G B7 E7 Who's that, Mister? C G Why do the birds go on singing? Am Em Why do the stars glow above? C G Why does my heart go on beating? Am Em Why do these eyes of mine cry? I lost you to. Blue Ridge C C7 On the trail of the lone-some. C G Toodle-uma-luma, toodle-uma-luma, toodle-aye-ay G7 C Any umb-r-ellas, any umb-r-ellas to mend We Got What U Want (Instrumental) - Won-G - We Got What U Want / If U Wanna Ride


Voi, Ihmiset - Kauko Röyhkä - Olen Messias - Valitut Palat 1980-2012, Hyperboles Without Eyes - Powder French - A Map Is Not The Territory, Silence Is Golden - Tanz Ohne Musik - Infinity, 2. Allegretto - Beethoven*, Bernard Haitink, Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam* - Symphonies Nos. 1, Heart Of The Wilderness - Docetism - Seclusion (File), The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself - Toyah - Ophelias Shadow, Take Me To The River - Babe Blu - Cant Stop Rock N Roll, Soulfly - 3, Street Fighting Man - The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones 20 Years Vol.2, The Standing Still - Chumbawamba - WYSIWYG, Машина - Ленинград + Гражданская Оборона - Звёзды Русского Рока (DVD), Golden Johnny - Toon Hermans - Herinneringen Aan, Deep In The Morning - Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline

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