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Wake Of The Predatory - Extremus - The Grip Of Theocracy (File)

Download Wake Of The Predatory - Extremus - The Grip Of Theocracy (File)

His pious pilgrims seem quite content in a religious society. Some of the religious laws may be severe, but these are apparently far fewer than the myriad government restrictions we take for granted.

Not to mention taxes. There is nothing in the nature of theocracy, however defined, that warrants the predatory tax rates that are now standard in the modern democracies. Even at its worst, when torturing heretics and oppressing minorities, the religious regime was generally pretty inactive, and left most human activities alone. Religious persecution reached its peak not under theocracy, but under communism; Lenin and his successors outlawed Christianity and murdered millions of Christians and Muslims.

Have the writers at Paper Masters use your topic on theocracy or choose from one of the topics below for your custom project:. In nearly every modern government, religious principles play some role in the determination of what is right and wrong. Judeo-Christian values of life and justice have shaped the legal codes of nations throughout the world.

However, when the role of the divine becomes paramount, with the only authority coming from this higher power, the government is called a theocracy. In the modern erawhat many might identify as a theocracy is DER2 (2002) - The Gasman - Archive 1993 - 2013 (File) actuality an ecclesiocracy, wherein the church or the more abstract concept of religion is deemed the ruler.

This prospect should terrify every secular, liberal American to his bootstraps. Hate Him Back. Related Articles. Show Comments. Trending Articles. Forty-five Senators and members of the House of Representatives earned between an 80 to percent approval ratings from the three most influential Christian Right advocacy groups - The Christian Coalition, Eagle Forum, and Family Resource Council.

Tom Coburn, the new senator from Oklahoma, has included in Wake Of The Predatory - Extremus - The Grip Of Theocracy (File) campaign to end abortion: a call to impose the death penalty on doctors that carry out abortions once the ban goes into place. Another new senator, John Thune, believes in Creationism. Jim DeMint, the new senator elected from South Carolina, wants to ban single mothers from teaching in schools. The Election Day exit polls found that 22 percent of voters identified themselves as evangelical Christians and Bush won 77 percent of their vote.

The One Day At A Time 60 - Johnny Pearson - Simply Piano 2 found that a plurality of voters said that the most important issue in the campaign had been "moral values. President Bush must further these important objectives, including the march to turn education and social welfare over to the churches with his faith-based initiative, as well as chip away at the wall between church and state Wake Of The Predatory - Extremus - The Grip Of Theocracy (File) his judicial appointments, if he does not want to face a revolt within his core constituency.

Jim Dobson, the head of Focus on the Family, who held weekly telephone conversations with Karl Rove during the campaign, has put the President on notice. He told ABC's "This Week" that "this president has two years, or more broadly the Republican Party has two years, to implement these policies, or certainly four, or I believe they'll pay a price in the next election. Bush may turn out to be a transition figure, our version of Otto von Bismarck. Bismarck used "values" to energize his base at the end of the 19th century and launched "Kulturkampt," the word from which we get "culture wars," against Catholics and Jews.

Bismarck 's attacks split the country, made the discrediting of whole segments of the society an acceptable part of the civil discourse and paved the way for the more virulent racism of the Nazis. This, I suspect, will be George Bush's contribution to our democracy. The Reconstructionist movement, founded in Bag It Up - Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul Rousas Rushdooney, is the intellectual foundation for the most politically active element within the Christian Right.

Rushdooney's 1, page three-volume work, Institutes of Biblical Law, argued that American society should be governed according to the Biblical precepts in the Ten Commandments. He wrote that the elect, like Adam and Noah, were given dominion over the earth by God and must subdue the earth, along with all non-believers, so the Messiah could return.

This was a radically new interpretation for many in the evangelical movement. The Messiah, it was traditionally Wake Of The Predatory - Extremus - The Grip Of Theocracy (File), would return in an event called "the Rapture" where there would be wars and chaos. The non-believers would be tormented and killed and the elect would be lifted to heaven. The Rapture was not something that could be manipulated or influenced, although believers often interpreted catastrophes and wars as portents of the imminent Second Coming.

Rushdooney promoted an ideology that advocated violence to create the Christian state. His Wake Of The Predatory - Extremus - The Grip Of Theocracy (File) was the mirror image of Liberation Theology, which came into vogue at about the same time. While the Liberation Theologians crammed the Bible into the box of Marxism, Rushdooney crammed it into the equally distorting box of classical fascism.

This clash was first Wake Of The Predatory - Extremus - The Grip Of Theocracy (File) out in Latin America when I was there as a reporter two decades ago. In El Salvador leftist priests endorsed and even traveled with the rebel movements in Nicaragua and El Salvador, while Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, along with conservative Latin American clerics, backed the Contras fighting against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and the murderous military regimes in El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile and Argentina.

The Institutes of Biblical Law called for a Christian society that was harsh, unforgiving and violent. Offenses such as adultery, witchcraft, blasphemy and homosexuality, merited the death penalty. The world was to be subdued and ruled by a Christian United States.

Rushdooney dismissed the number of 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust as an inflated figure and his theories on race echoed Nazi Eugenics. Voodoo, or magic, was the religion and life of American Negroes. Voodoo songs underlie jazz, and old voodoo, with its power goal, has been merely replaced with revolutionary voodoo, Wake Of The Predatory - Extremus - The Grip Of Theocracy (File) modernized power drive.

Rushdooney was deeply antagonistic to the federal government. He believed the federal government should concern itself with little more than national defense.

Education and social welfare should be handed over to the churches. Biblical law must replace the secular legal code. This ideology remains at the heart of the movement.

It is being enacted through school vouchers, with federal dollars now going into Christian schools, and the assault against the federal agencies that deal with poverty and human services. The Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives is currently channeling millions in federal funds to groups such Pat Robertson's Operation Blessingand National Right to Life, as well as to fundamentalist religious charity organizations and programs promoting sexual abstinence.

Rushdooney laid the groundwork for a new way of thinking about political involvement. The Christian state would come about not only through signs and wonders, as those who believed in the rapture believed, but also through the establishment of the Christian nation.

But he remained, even within the Christian Right, a deeply controversial figure. Tony Evans, the minister of a Dallas church and the founder of Promise Keepers, articulated Rushdooney's extremism in a more palatable form.

He called on believers, often during emotional gatherings at football stadiums, to commit to Christ and exercise power within the society as agents of Christ. He also called for a Christian state. But he did not advocate the return of slavery, as Rushdooney did, nor list a string of offenses such as adultery punishable by death, nor did he espouse the Nazi-like race theories.

It was through Evans, who was a spiritual mentor to George Bush that Dominionism came to dominate the politically active wing of the Christian Right. These leaders believe that God has selected them to battle the forces of evil, embodied in "secular humanism," to create a Christian nation.

Pat Robertson frequently tells believers "our aim is to gain dominion over society.


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    Feb 07,  · A theocracy is a system in which _____. people believe in only one God the government rules are set by the church the Puritans had no choice but to obey made people protective of their reputationsTheocracy's role in The Crucible was _____/5.
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    Theocracy Research Papers A research paper on theocracy examine what a true theocracy is and how the role of a higher power shapes the legal codes of a government. Research papers on the concept of a theocracy can be designed to examine any aspect of the government's relationship with .
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    Sep 15,  · A2A. Because that's not the will of the majority of American people. It's also worth pointing out that evangelical Christianity doesn't lend itself well to a theocratic system because of its inherent lack of depth in an apostolic hierarchy. What.
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    Aug 01,  · But they are increasingly drowned out by cries of “theocracy, theocracy, theocracy” and by a zeal, among ostensibly religious intellectuals, to read their fellow believers out of public life and sell their birthright for the blessing of the New York Times.

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