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Nothing That I Wouldnt Do (Electroclash Remix By Laboratory 5) - Shatoo - Nothing That I Wouldnt D

Download Nothing That I Wouldnt Do (Electroclash Remix By Laboratory 5) - Shatoo - Nothing That I Wouldnt D

And that's what it is. It's - they wanted the biggest chord ever, and they kind of got it. So what's really great is on the 50th anniversary album of "Sgt. Pepper," you have like a rehearsal track - I assume it's a rehearsal track - that's like an outtake of this. And we hear them putting together the piano - the piano chord.

This is how they - they're just trying to go for it. You know, you can hear them talking to each other. And this is - once they decided to do it, this is the process of them recording it. And, you know, you'll know Herscher - Herscher the four comes in. One, two, three.

So explain what's going on with this and then we'll hear it. And even the making of this album, they had bad - I think, that, you know, anyone aspiring to be an artist out there, never be scared of a bad idea, just be scared Nothing That I Wouldnt Do (Electroclash Remix By Laboratory 5) - Shatoo - Nothing That I Wouldnt D sticking with it I think is the answer. And so their original idea - not - this is before the piano - their original idea was Nothing That I Wouldnt Do (Electroclash Remix By Laboratory 5) - Shatoo - Nothing That I Wouldnt D create a sort of om, a sort of choir hum at the end.

And I think - I don't know who's in the studios with them. You can hear other people chatting and they're giving directions. But this is their original plan for the end of "A Day In The Life" and the end of the most famous album of all time. So that's an outtake that's on the new 50th anniversary edition of "Sgt. You know, they needed a big ending and that wasn't it. And, in fact, you can hear Nothing That I Wouldnt Do (Electroclash Remix By Laboratory 5) - Shatoo - Nothing That I Wouldnt D the end of - at the very end of that I put the the four-track - they recorded on four-tracks.

They did it properly. I mean, the thing about the Beatles, they'd stick to their guns, and they wouldn't give up on an idea. And they finished it, and then they realized that it just didn't work. I think what - I think the beauty of listening to the process is that you realize that - and there's a lot of talk about this album being, you know, the sort of album's, you know, delivered Long Lonely Nights - Various - The Rock N Roll Era - The 50s: Rave On unicorns and sent from the gods and plucked from the skies and, you know, delivered by a drug haze.

But really it - the beauty of it is it's just four human beings making noise in the studios. They just happened to make a very Allegro - Joseph Haydn, The Chamber Orchestra Of Europe, Claudio Abbado - Symphony No.

96 The Mirac noise with very good songs. If you're just joining us, my guest is Giles Martin. And he is the producer of the new 50th anniversary box set of the Beatles' groundbreaking album "Sgt. So we'll be right back. And if you're just joining us, my guest is Giles Martin, and he's the producer of the new 50th anniversary box set of The Beatles album "Sgt. So I want to talk to you about one of my favorite things on this box set. And there's so many tracks on it, it's hard to choose, but there is just like a - what can I call You Look Good In My Shirt - Keith Urban - You Look Good In My Shirt There's, you know, a lot of, you know, added instruments on it.

And this is just like very stripped down. There's no processing on his voice. And whereas the actual release version sounds kind of like psychedelic, trippy, the original version sounds very - just kind of wistful and alienated laughter. And I think that's lots to do with the process of, you know, John - my father always used to say, well, you know, John never liked the sound of his own voice.

That's the thing is, you know - and to demand them to make changes. You know, he was just a natural, beautiful singer. He had a And that gives you a more sort of a demonic edge, you know, your slowed down voice. And so what you hear is John slowed down. In fact, on this album, there's very few occurrences of a natural voice. They played around with tempos, you know, on "When I'm Sixty-Four," Paul's voice is sped up, you know, and same with "Lovely Rita," you know, they - "Penny Lane" his voice is sped up.

And on "Strawberry Fields," John's is slowed down. It's - they're all over the shop just trying to change things. But you're right, on the demo or on the first take of "Strawberry Fields," you hear the song for what it is which is an Nothing That I Wouldnt Do (Electroclash Remix By Laboratory 5) - Shatoo - Nothing That I Wouldnt D complex but beautiful personal sort of diary to his time in Liverpool.

Strawberry Fields are still there. It's a park in Liverpool near John's home. And he would, you know, I think that the funny thing about them is that very few bands are as identified by their place as much as the Its Your Body 5 - Connan Mockasin - Caramel are.

You know? I don't know whether it's because they are not as successful, but I think it's more the fact that the Beatles never really - they took Liverpool with them wherever they went. They were very proud of where they're from, and they still are.

And this was despite the turmoil of going around the world, and, you know, picking up influences from everywhere, you know, the way that they were going to root themselves in this new sort of psychedelic, as you say, album was to start with the homeplace which is Strawberry Fields and then Paul counter with "Penny Lane.

And you can kind of hear in this very early take. You can hear that it's - you know, my dad always said he always remembers the day that John came in. And he sat - my dad sat on a stool and John sat in a stool and played them the song on the studio floor.

And that was How Can We Get Closa? - Lil Joe - Az I See It one of his favorite memories. So let's hear the original track of "Strawberry Fields" without any processing or speeding up or slowing down, without extra instruments.

Here's John Lennon singing. It's getting hard to be someone, but it all works out. It doesn't matter much to me. Nothing That I Wouldnt Do (Electroclash Remix By Laboratory 5) - Shatoo - Nothing That I Wouldnt D one I think is in my tree. I mean, it must be high or low.

That is you know you can't tune it. But it's all right. That is I think it's not too bad. Let me take you down 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields. Nothing is real. And nothing to get hung about. Strawberry Fields forever. Always know sometimes And my guess is Giles Martin who oversaw the production of this new box set.

And his Nothing That I Wouldnt Do (Electroclash Remix By Laboratory 5) - Shatoo - Nothing That I Wouldnt D was the producer on the original album "Sgt. So, you know, I hear that, and I wonder like what exactly was it that John Lennon didn't like about his voice?

His voice is just so sweet and so - I don't know kind of captivating. Do you know why he didn't like his own voice? He didn't like, you know, my father always told me that the sounds that John had in Religio - Astral & Shit - No One (File, Album, MP3) head were never the sounds that got on record.

And, you know, after the Beatles split up, you know, they all - it was like smashing some of the toffee hammer. They all clustered in different sections of the corners of the world. And John did a few interviews, and he sort of criticized my father when it came to, you know, "Let It Be. You know, I don't want you ruining it with our production. And my dad was sort of deeply offended because he was actually very close to John to begin with, and there was, you know - everyone changed.

And he went back, and he hadn't spoke to John in a long time, and he went back. John phoned him up, and he went to go and see him at the Dakota Building in New York, which John lived in just a month before he died, I think. And my dad said listen, John, you said some terrible things about me. And he goes, hey, George, I was high. And my father said it was like - my father didn't really accept that as an excuse. But then he said, you know, do you know what I'd like to do George?

He goes I'd like to go and record everything again. My dad went really? He goes what about "Strawberry Fields? And he never really was content with, you know, not the sound of his voice, but never really thought, you know, what was in O Maiden My Maiden - George Blackmore - Franz Lehar head.

And I think this what, you know - this is why they pushed so hard for, you know, sonic perfection or interesting sounds is because their goals were so high. And so with his voice, he had, you know - he was one of the best singers in the world, but it was never good enough. And so he always wanted something else.

He wanted some sort of change done to his voice. GROSS: I want to play one of the - I don't know Whats Another Year - Various - 100 Nr.

1 Hits - Volume 2 (Box Set) to call if this is an outtake or just like the track that was layered over, Eurufos (European UFOs) - Out Of Orion - The UFO Theories: Debunked! this is "Good Morning. And Ringo's drumming is really so good on this. And it - you can - it really showcases his drumming. I spoke to him a couple of weeks ago, and we talked about this.

And he just said, you know, I love this because you can hear, you know - people can hear my drums. And he said that it's not that I turned the drums up. It's just that we'd have to be so careful nowadays of the needle jumping out of the groove or breaking someone's speakers 50 years ago. We can be more courageous with dynamics. But, yeah, he was an amazing - he was, you know - every amazing band has to have a great drummer, and this particular track's interesting because it's actually Ringo and Paul playing drums together.

You know, the hit sort of kick-drummer you can hear, the sort of flappy kick-drum sound is Paul hitting a kick-drum. So that's the - that's what the take is. This is actually the take that was used, and it's just them playing, you know, playing live and recording it before they did - you know, they overdubbed the brass, the saxes and bass I think, so - and backing vocals.

Then the animal sounds at the end - I mean, the funny thing about the animal sounds on "Good Morning" is John demanded that each animal could eat the next animal in line. That was his Yeah, so this is - and I think this is true for the whole album.

This just shows you that it's kind of - it's - you have to start off with raw emotion, you know, as a starting point for something that touches you. And then you can embellish it with other artful and interesting colors. But it's the raw impact that is always - you always go back to as a listener. Now do Exile on Main St. I was there, dammit! Joseph Brenner The tribal aspects of music are frequently neglected except maybe by David Byrne.

And the main form my scars from the punk wars take is that it took me some time to believe that musical skill might not inherently be a corrupting, distracting influence. When CDs came in it seemed to me that everything developed that clean and bright sound, not necessarily because it was better, but just because they could do it. In other Nothing That I Wouldnt Do (Electroclash Remix By Laboratory 5) - Shatoo - Nothing That I Wouldnt D, I think turning up the drums in this mix is more a matter of modern taste.

Jim Buck I bought it the day it came out. I was working on a bacon counter, and had nicked 3 crispy quid notes from the cash-till. An Serenade - Richard Tauber - Songs Of Stage And Screen Volume 1 buy, it was the most beautiful artefact that I had ever held Nothing That I Wouldnt Do (Electroclash Remix By Laboratory 5) - Shatoo - Nothing That I Wouldnt D my hands until then.

And it did things to my head that surpassed the LSD which it inspired me to try. If I Ever - Tanita Tikaram - The Cappuccino Songs arrived as an enlisted Marine to Okinawa just as SP came out and it was played in the barracks more or less continuously for weeks. Day in the Life is a strong flash. Totally true about the needle jumping the groove. Bass was also bad for it. That way, quiet portions of the record could be cut closer together, and louder parts farther apart.

This let them get more audio time on a side of vinyl. Mono VS stereo compatibility is still a mix issue. I remember sitting in a restaurant where they had the 2 channels on opposite sides of a rather large room. About half the mix of a Hendrix tune disappeared and it sounded quite odd. There are lots of isolated tracks Beatles and others found on youtube, and it is impressive to hear the punch ins and outs as they get an amazing amount of information on just four tracks.

Not much room for error. As the fade went on, he had engineers on the faders all slowly turning them up, to get the gain necessary for that long fade. Belle Waring The drums and bass are on one channel and toned down for the technical aspects mentioned. Anyway, give the III.

Sequenz - 5. Confutatis Maledictis - Mozart*, Maria Stader, Hertha Toepper*, John Van Kesteren, a listen. A lush, soulful, dreamy electro-pop banger, new from the Melbourne group who will release their long-overdue debut LP this year. Explore music. Bryan Deffley. Yuri Samsaev. Purchasable with gift card. Technomancer We never spam. Unsubscribe at any time.

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Holy Virgin (Rob Mayth Remix) - Various - Tokyo Rave 04, Eurufos (European UFOs) - Out Of Orion - The UFO Theories: Debunked!, Voi, Ihmiset - Kauko Röyhkä - Olen Messias - Valitut Palat 1980-2012, Radio Version - Various - Promo 007 - Boys Mix - Boy Records, Minnesota - Vanaprasta - Healthy Geometry, Move Your Ass - Various - Double Dance - 2x The Best From 1-MC2, The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Rubber Mix) - David Bowie - The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Maserati Mixes), I Never Shall Go Back - The Glorylanders - Volume One, Like China - Phil Collins - Hello, I Must Be Going!, Bomis Prendin - Trap DOr

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