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{PARAGRAPH}Also Torvald Stoltenbergthe Labor Party UN peace-envoy at Balkan during the last war, most "famous" for cynically stating "They are all Serbs" including war-criminals to the international newsmedia, and his son Jens Stoltenberg, earlier PM from the No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero Party and saying he will take over the leadership of the party, most "famous" for crashing a parked car with the one he was driving, and running away in a secretly way without leaving a note with phonenumber, adress and name, may be mentioned. What he didn't know, was that he was watched, and soon after the whole story was exposed in the media. The organization he worked for paid the considerable repair cost, although Stoltenberg himself was the only to blame. Thus both a cynicalPauvre Rutebeuf - Jean Cardon Et Son Ensemble - Dansons Chez Léo Ferré and conspirative tradition in the Labor Party leadership is well documentedhowever not alone a significant evidence for the "Grand Conspiracy" theory. But it makes of course a core for speculations related to the theory, because these facts demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that the Norwegian social-democratic leadership are clearly capable to do such things and lead a grand conspiracy; cynical, corrupt and conspirative as they de facto have been and are. All in all, this may indicate they may stand behind "both this and that"but it is as mentioned no real proof for the "Grand conspiracy", although perhaps a slight indication towards "something" in this direction cannot totally be rejected in advance. That she also calls for a boycott etc. But also other marxists have called for boycott and similar, see below. Jagland still biased support the terroristical, corrupt, police state Arafat regime, Such money transactions and mutual "peace prizes" may also look a bit strange to people believing in the "Grand Conspiracy. The Conference on terrorism says UD is probably not the right institution to investigate this case. They should perhaps be investigated themselves for several more or less corrupt errors. Norway's Foreign Ministry seemed less convinced and vowed to dig up and present all the facts. UD press spokesman Karsten Klepsvik told Aftenposten Wednesday that there could be a mixing of private and public roles which could brand the cash prize as a professional 'irregularity'. In principle the money should be delivered to UD when No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero is a question of a sum of this size," Klepsvik said. We can't expect the tax authorities to tell us every time someone receives a prize," Klepsvik said. When he publicly claims the opposite it begins to resemble the previous scandal he was involved in When he says that the Norwegian diplomats present at the awards ceremony in were informed about the money, that is completely incorrect," a ministry source told Aftenposten. Another potential danger for the No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero is the question of whether they may be guilty of breaking the civil service law by accepting gifts that could, or were meant, to influence how they carry out their jobs. In other words - corruption? Labor-law professor Henning Jakhelln considers an award given in recognition of past service is innocent No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero and should not count as a potential influence on official duty. Mona Juul has only uttered "No comment" to recent media enquiries. Officials at the No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero center have Sweet Sugar Polka - Mrozinski Brothers Aleatoric Ensemble - Concertina Concert put journalists on a waiting list, but all spokesmen have been unavailable. Later on A NACO spokeswoman says it would be better if the Public Prosecutor got the case, UD should not "investigate" itself, although the co-operation with the Attorney-General may contribute to better quality in the investigation. People believing in the "Grand Conspiracy" may think the whole thing stinks, although only a tip of the iceberg. VG reports the marxist matriarch "landsmodern" Gro Harlem Brundtland herself got prizes for ca 2,1 mill. NOK and put 0,7 of it in her own pocket. Furthermore Good Times - Sonny & Cher - Good Times (Original Film Soundtrack) "Peres Peace Center" has a large network with members from the Norwegian and international plutarchs and party-political hierarchs, even including "Rimi-Hagen". Time will show. Jan Petersen keeps a low profile in this case by now - it is a "hot potato" hot stuff. As usual UD is vague and manipulative, pseudodiplomatic, without a clear cut reaction, playing their own game as a conspirative "state within the state". Jan Petersen, the leader of UD and foreign minister, should really think about a reorganization and new staff in the UD. A prominent anarchist has said UD is one of the most authoritarian departments of the Norwegian central administration. UD's way of working in this case and other will probably increase the rumors that "something is wrong The Corvairs - I Dont Wanna Be Without You Baby / Girl With The Wind In Her Hair the state of Norway", making trouble for the whole Anarchy. This was a bit strange so a spokesman for the Anarchist International sent a note to Reuters and some other media-giants about it. Tuesday Middle East envoy Terje Roed-Larsen has said there were no signs a massacre had taken place in Jenin but has accused the army of violating No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero law during its operation. No other No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero Petersen is responsible for UD, that's the rule! Petersen said that he felt it was convinced No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero there were only negative aspects to tempering a judgment about Juul's acceptance of a USD 50, peace prize without notifying the department. Juul also later recommended that the Peres Peace center, which awarded the prize money, receive Norwegian funding. That Samudra - The Tinminers - Tak Terlupakan be discussed more. Corruption is corruption. Foreign Ministry spokesman Karsten Klepsvik sketched two possible punitive reactions to the Juul case. The first would be a reprimand, which would be the mild alternative and have no further consequences. The second alternative is a disciplinary sanction, which is more serious and could hamper Juul's further career. If Juul is officially censured for her actions it would be Henry King And His Orchestra - South Sea Island Magic / To You, Sweetheart Aloha (Shellac) a permanent blot on her record and could cost her job seniority. Klepsvik confirmed that Juul's transgression was serious, and rare. This application was recommended by the Norwegian embassy and it is clear that this can raise questions of her legal competency. The ministry is examining this aspect of the case closely," Klepsvik said. Hagen and Fr. The Foreign Ministry has promised to sanction Juul, and is Cherry Pie - Jennifer Lopez - Rebirth considering a possible disciplinary penalty for Juul's violation of civil service laws. The reaction can range from a warning to a blot on her record and loss of seniority. A formal hearing will now take place and Juul will present her side of My Hippie Aint Hip - Admiral Freebee - The Honey & The Knife story. We have not yet managed to find such a cause but we continue to search," Juul said. The Fr. Hagen continued to argue vigorously that Juul should be forced to give up the money and be demoted. Foreign Minister Jan Petersen says that is "not an option". She has receivedNorwegian crowns from the Peres Center to do her job in the state department. Civil servants being paid by others than the state to do their jobs simply cannot be accepted," Hagen said. In other words, Mona Juul is being rewarded for keeping this hidden," Hagen said. Foreign Minister Jan Petersen strongly disagrees. Norwegian law simply does not give us the possibility of confiscating the money. The civil service regulations give us the choice between termination or reprimand and we have chosen the latter option," Petersen said. The leader of the Socialist Left party, SV, Kristin Halvorsen, said she was satisfied with the department's handling of the matter and was relieved the matter was now given proper perspective. Jagland denies to VG Well, well Another relevant question is "how were No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero prizes to Gro Harlem Brundtland financed? The whole thing stinks and will a. It will not be much better if the Love You Better - Walt Mink - Miss Happiness UD pro EU "Yes ministers" will start ochlarchy against Mona as VG indicates, making Juul scapegoat for a hopeless authoritarian and incompetent "state in the state" culture. Somebody should perhaps have teached Mona Juul etc. Perhaps this is only a tip of the iceberg. It will not be as ambassador or C. Much money and power are not everything after all. The happy days and sweet, exciting life with champagne etc. This network is now history", says Jan Petersen, underlining that the Norwegian Mid East policy now is run No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero Oslo, not regionally. Ad skriftlig irettesettelse til Mona Juul m. NRK rapporterer om at Fr. Truman stod overfor den ene udfordring efter den anden i indenrigspolitikken. Trumans legendariske valgsejr i over Thomas E. Initialet stod ikke for noget, som det var en almindelig praksis blandt skotsk-irske amerikanere. John Truman var landmand og kreaturhandler. I den periode bejlede han til Bess Wallace og friede endda til hende i Hun afslog hans frieri, og Truman sagde, at han ville tjene nogle flere penge end en landmand gjorde inden han friede igen. Verdenskrig som kaptajnog denne gang sagde hun ja. Truman lod sig hverve til Missouris nationalgarde i og gjorde tjeneste indtil Pendergastder var politiker i Kansas City. Hans enhed var batteri D, No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero Under kaptajn Trumans ledelse i Frankrig mistede batteriet ikke en eneste mand. Krigen forandrede ham, og bragte hans lederegenskaber frem. Ved krigens slutning vendte Truman tilbage til Independence og No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero sig med sin langvarige flamme, Bess Wallaceden Parret fik et barn, Mary Margaret Han blev ikke genvalgt imen i blev han valgt til leder af retten og blev genvalgt i Cochran og Tuck Milligan, bror til den statslige anklager Maurice M. Truman besejrede derefter den siddende Republikaner Roscoe C. Der blev ikke No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero tiltale mod Truman. Robert E. Hannegansom kontrollerede Demokraterne i St. I septemberunder valgkampagnen, blev Truman valgt som Stormester i Missouris frimurerloge. Davis med mere end Den Roosevelt regeringen var i starten bange for at komiteen ville skade moralen, og vicekrigsminister Robert P. Pauleystrategen Ed Flynn og lobbyisten George E. I starten var James F. Byrnes fra South Carolina favorit, men fagforeningslederne var imod ham. Schricker fra Indianamen han afviste. Delstaternes og byernes partiledere foretrak Truman. Under samtalen spurgte FDR partilederne om Truman ville sige ja til posten. Truman var efter sigende den eneste valgte person, som deltog i begravelsen. For det er Dem, der er i vanskeligheder nu. Er der problemer med lyden? Der Sylvester - Step II ikke mere i det her job, end der var i at lede Jackson County og ikke flere bekymringer. Truman blev Elf Forest - FFFFFFFFF - The Terrestrial Sphere orienteret om Manhattanprojektet og gav tilladelse til brug af atombomber mod Japan i august efter at Japan havde afvist Potsdam-deklarationen. Om morgenen den 6. Den 9. Han havde ikke held til at forhindre skattelettelser og fjernelse af priskontrollerne. Mens han i gjorde sig klar til det kommende valg tydeliggjorde Truman sin identitet som Demokrat i New Deal traditionen og gik ind for en national sundhedsforsikring, [72] afskaffelse af den fagforeningsfjendske Taft-Hartley lov, og et aggressivt borgerrettighedsprogram. Briterne bekendtgjorde den Det amerikanske udenrigsministerium var imidlertid uenig i den beslutning. Den polske diplomat George Lenczowski skriver: [77] [88]. No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero godkendte en plan om at forsyne den blokerede by fra luften. Luftbroen virkede. Den hjalp i betydelig grad hans valgkampagne i Truman, No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero og forsvarsministeriet fulgte en strategi om hurtig demobilisering efter 2. Skibe blev lagt op og veteraner blev sendt hjem. Johnson til forsvarsminister. I udgav Truman regeringen en rapport med titlen To Secure These Rightssom indeholdt en detaljeret ti-punkts plan for reform af borgerrettighederne. Eisenhower afslog energist at stille op, og Truman overvandt modstanden mod hans opstilling. Alle Alabamas delegerede og en del af Mississippis udvandrede i protest fra Konventet. Wallacesom var opstillet af det amerikanske "Progressive Party". Henry Wallace fik ingen. Det karakteristiske billede af valgkampen kom efter valgdagen, da Truman holdt den fejlagtige forside fra Chicago Tribunesom med en stor overskrift proklamerede "Dewey besejrer Truman. Den 7. Truman styrede med held traktaten igennem Senatet i I juni gav Truman U. Navys 7. En af dem var Alger Hissen overordnet embedsmand i udenrigsministeriet. Hiss afviste beskyldningerne. Se det er et gammelt kommunistisk trick brugt modsat Det er ikke fair play. As the quotes I provided above allude to — and as is proven with eyewitness accounts by the thousands and proven scholarship — this is the real and proven history — and nothing you have posted here — or could ever post here if based upon fact can counter these truths. All Turkish children also should be killed as they form a danger to the Armenian nation Hamparsum Boyaciyan, nicknamed "Murad," a former Ottoman parliamentarian who led Armenian guerilla forces, ravaging Turkish villages behind the lines, Cited Family Of Man - The Farm - Spartacus Live (VHS) Mikael Varandean, "History of the Dashnaktsutiun. Thousands of Armenians from all over the world, flocked to the standards of such famous fighters as Antranik, Kery, Dro, etc. Break 2 - Various - At The Ave Breaks 2 LTD Armenian volunteer regiments rendered valuable service to the Russian Army in the years of The Moslems who did not succeed in escaping [the city] were put to death Grace H. Revell Co. Many massacres were committed by the Armenians until our army arrived in Erzurum These are entirely men. There are ax, bayonet and bullet wounds on the dead bodies. Lungs of the bodies were removed and sharp stakes were struck in the eyes. There are other bodies around the city. A, Fih. The Ottoman State has used its No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero to defend its existence against Armenian organisations that had fomented and incited disorders and rebellions at the We Have Come A Mighty Long Way - Mahalia Jackson - Gospels & Spirituals of the Russians by relying on Russian arms Leo Arakel BabakhanianArmenian historian, Turkahai Heghopokhutian Kaghaparapanoutiunu The Ideology of the Revolution of Turkish Armenianpublished in Armenian, Paris. The Armenian revolutionary committees considered that "The most opportune time to institute the general rebellion for carrying out the immediate objectives was when Turkey was engaged in war" Louise Nalbandian, Armenian Revolutionary Movement, University of California Press, The entire Armenian Nation will join forces? They will cooperate with the Allies, making full use of all political and revolutionary means for the final victory of Armenia, Cilicia, Caucasus, Azerbayjan. Armenians proud to shed their blood for the cause of Armenia Hunchak Armenian [Revolutionary] Gazette, in a call to arms just prior to the formal declaration of war against Germany and the Ottoman Empire, November issue, Paris. The Hunchak Committee will use all means to assist the Entente states, devoting all its forces to the struggle to assure victory in Armenia, Cilicia, the Caucasus and Azerbaijan as the ally of the Entente states, and in particular of Russia Hunchak Committee instructions to its organizations in Ottoman territory; Aspirations et Agissements Revolutionnaires des Comites Armeniens avant et apres la Proclamation de la Constitution Ottomane, Istanbul,pp. From all countries Armenians are hurrying to enter the ranks of the glorious Russian Army, with their blood to serve the victory of Russian arms Let the Russian flag wave freely over the Dardanelles and the Bosporus. Let, with Your will, great Majesty, the peoples remaining under the Turkish yoke receive freedom. Let the Armenian people of Turkey who have suffered for the faith of Christ receive resurrection for a new free life under the protection of Russia. Source; also cited in p. Hovannisian's "Armenia on the Road to Independence" as having appeared in the Nov. The Armenians greeted the Russians with ringing bells and with their priests dressed in their ceremonial robes. In this war, too, the Armenian people took their place beside the Russians The war broke out and volunteers came from everywhere, from Armenia in Eastern Anatolia, from Egypt under Turkish rule, from the non-Russian areas of Rumania; all these people who were Ottoman subjects, familiar with Anatolia, gathered together and put themselves at the service of the No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero Empire Tchalkouchian, in a May No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Herospeech addressed to the Armenian Congress in St. Neither political nor legal or material claims against present-day Turkey can be derived from the recognition of this historical event as an act of genocide. European Parliament, resolution. In a interview Berktay clearly states that what occured to the Armenians was without question a Genocide. He admitted that he had long been reluctant to use that word due to its political implications and automatic response Goblin - Suspiria Turkey and likely out of worry for being prosecuted or otherwise attacked etc - however he has come to believe it is an accurate and the only accurate depiction of events. Here is an interview from where he discusses some fo these issues with some of my comments in parentheses. At that time there were 1 million and thousand Armenians living in Eastern Anatolia. These things are documented in writing. There was no mention of No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero or slaughter. The provincial governors and garrison commanders were directed to deport the Armenians to the region south of Turkey's current borders. Historian Taner Akcam has demonstrated this in a very sound way. There was on the one hand a legal decision and implementation, and on the other another mechanism entirely that proceeded in Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding illegal manner. Those who issued these orders had them carried out via a special organization, the Teskilat-i Mahsusa. Think of it as a combination of the forces involved in the recent Susurluk No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero and the Turkish Hizballah organization. It is clear that Bahaettin Sakir, who operated as the Teskilat-i Mahsusa's man for Enver, Cemal, and Talat, set up death squads in the region. Some of these people were convicted criminals who were saved from the gallows and released from prison just to carry out such activities. Do you know what types of people carried out these crimes? The whole affair is that simple and clear. In addition to them, Turkish and Kurdish tribes also attacked the convoys of Armenians being deported. In addition to these actual massacres, there were the terrible losses caused by the deportations carred out in appalling conditions of deprivation. Everywhere in the Western world, there are photographs of these incidents which we can't bear to look at. The first time I encountered these visual records, I cried and could hardly breathe for several minutes. They are no different from the images of the concentration camps, or the massacres in Africa. For there are huge numbers of people in these pictures. Well, didn't the Ottoman state try and punish No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero officials found guilty of the deaths of No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero Of course. These massacres were not the work of the regular Ottoman army and bureaucracy. The Ottoman regular army and state bureaucracy, both as a result of the repugnance it felt toward these events and in order to clear themselves before the rest of the world, tried as best No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero could to capture, try, and punish those responsible for this disaster. And there were definitely those who were punished. After the end of the war in and the Ottoman defeat and subsequent flight of Enver, Cemal, and Talat, who were the primary ones responsible, the parliament Meclis-i Mebusan established an investigatory commission just for this purpose. There was later a military trial in Istanbul. This was a famous trial. Books Tragic Telepathic (Soul Slasher) - Truly - Fast Stories.From Kid Coma it have been published in English and Turkish. What were the losses of the Muslim population in that area during this same period? They may be 10, or 20, The issue is as follows: The activities of the Armenian guerrilla bands were generally localized, small-scale, and isolated. But for hundreds of thousands to die, there would have to be a population of this size, which couldn't be attained merely by wandering around the villages and hamlets. They never did so, and no such document will ever be found. In this regard, the witnesses of the day are extremely important. There is a huge body of eyewitness accounts and visual material concerning the Armenian incidents that never reaches the Turkish public. Turkish public opinion is essentially ignorant of what the people of Germany, England, France, and America see and read. World public opinion is essentially ignorant of what the people of Turkey see and read and listen from their fathers. For this reason, they were not one of the four groups protected by Article 2 of the Convention. You also can not prove the intent of mass extermination despite Andonian fabrications. And that is why neither Armenia nor your precious Diaspora have the guts to apply to an international court. They know that a court will only laugh at Dadrians "it is said that", "talat was seen saying that" "it is said that kemal said that", "a newspaper states that" rubbish. If it is so well proved go to a court my friend get your money get your recognition try your chances to get some land. Just like a kid running around saying No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero man killed my father you can gain sympathy but court is the place to prove somehing. Now your only credit is the islamophobia and some strong nations which doesnt want Turkey in Europe. Historical studies are essential to render understandable the incidents that took place in the second decade of the 20th century. Like historians academics such as sociologists and political scientists who laboured on these issues, tend No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero describe as genocide almost any incident, which involves an important number of dead. However genocide as an international crime, can be determined only by jurists on the basis of the prescribed legal criteria. Let me tell you what happened Historians are harrased, stalked, booed, attacked and bombed by armenians so that not many decent people are left to study. Any way i repeat it if you are so sure it is universally and inevitably accepted go to the court and sue. Turkey has no option but to defend. Whether the number isor 1. Whether they were relocated and No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero or killed outright. The fact of the matter is, those who perpetrated these acts are not alive today but those whose are descended from those who survived know the truth of how it affected the lives of their parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents. What puzzles me is that Turkish government cannot simply state "Many died, and although we are not personally responsible, we promise that history will not repeat itself". Marshal obviously is not avare that the times are changing. Still What he says has some truth just like any nation Turks have hard time confessing their crimes. BUT what is more important is! Ararat in your banner and still claim right in Turkeys land because there are historic churches there. Other than that Turks are ready to say sorry. They are regarded as heroes and people mourn for this sad loss. Please read this one carefully. They opened fire on passengers in the airport killed 8 injured 82 in And this is should be a shame for any normal person! Solomon is an assassin fact he killed Talat while he was buying his morning newspaper fact. Shot him No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero the back fact. Talat may be a criminal. He may be a monster. Still Solomon is an assassin. And I do not know of any other nation which has built a monument for an assassin. The Great Search - Various - My Unicorn Jumped Away Volume Two these and ask your self do you deserve that? Do Armenian youth has to accept killers as heroes? You are giving a debate about how Turks are nationalist. They have such a crazy Turkishness myth. Are you any different? No let me tell you something you are just like twins with Turks even the look in your eyes. I know this very well I had two Armenian students under my supervision and Forward Motion Bukkake - Basket Of Death - Reverse Bukkake many others. Please read the life of your national heroe. I think you already know more than this [11] But this time ask your self what he was doing in Bulgaria with his proud armenian legion millet-i sadika oh my? How come there were No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero was he fighting before even in How many muslims were killed in Van and before by him? Then maybe I can comment on your picture where I see horsemen who are obviously not dressed in Turkish army clothes just like the first picture in this article. One also has to ask when it was shot and are they really Armenian? This website why No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero at external links? I want answer. System of a Downa band whose all it's members and Armenian, have released several songs about the Armenian Genocide. Looks like the usual band of Armenian suspects and their devoted admirers are back in business, turning this topic into a circus. Tsk tsk! Lutheran is a disgrace to the community and deserves to have been blocked Armenian-American keyboardist Derek Sherinian collaborated with duduk master Djivan Gasparyan on the song " Prelude To Battle ", which Sherinian "dedicated to his great grandmother who fought the Turks in the Armenian genocide" as part of his CD " Blood of the Snake ". Sdedeo tipsNo mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero September UTC. A Greek whose country just dumped many refugees into the see and virtually killed them, whose country opresses its Turkish minorities. A Greek whose county can not stand a single mosque, whose country support Terorism in its neighbour lecture us about Democracy. When's that joyous event going to happen? Hectorian17 October UTC. However, the Turkish press exaggerated his false statement. The government tried to cover it up, but the press scooped it up. Orhan Pamuk's mother has commented on her son's words regarding the death of 1 million Armenians on Turkish land: "Orhan spoke falsely. Orhan probably knew false things about history. I don't think he has much information about the subject. No one teaches these things in school. I myself have no idea about this issue. Orhan spoke falsely to a reporter from a small Swedish newspaper. However, the Turkish press overexaggerated his statements. Although the government tried to cover it up, the Turkish press No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero it up and took great pleasure from doing so. I think it is the press we should blame. In spite of his mother's disaproval I congratulate Turkish writer Pamuk - who in spite of his aparently false notions concerning history Turks should be delighted that the Nobel prize committe overlooked Pamuk's obvious ignorance and No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero concerning historical issues that no one speaks about or teaches in Turkey We happened to be the witnesses of Khojaly massacre, we saw the dead — bodies of hundreds of civilians — women, children, old-age people and defenders of Khojaly. We managed to fly by helicopter, we were taking photographs of everything we saw around Khojaly at a height of a bird's flight. However Armenians started shooting our helicopter and we couldn't manage to finish our job. That was a terrible scene. I heard a lot about wars, about cruelty of German fascists, but Armenians went beyond them, killing 5 or 6 year-old children, innocent people. We saw a lot of injured people in hospitals, carriages, even in kindergarten and school Adeline - Steep Ravine - The Pedestrian. Those are the facts, you cannot base history merely on so called witness claims. For all you people claiming there was a genocide, look at your sources. Ask yourself, what does this mean? Don't just listen to stories, look up the facts!! On the other hand i can't seem to find articles concerning the massacres the armenian militia's committed on the One Inch Shorter - Rudy Moore* - Below The Belt (8-Track Cartridge, Album) in anatolia and kafkasya. I could not see any reason for a genocide. Could a reason be added in order to complate the puzzle? Because without a reason, a genocide is nothing more than a self-destruction of the brutes. There is supposed to be a murder, so there should be a motive. Whatis the motive? However, their ultimate goal was always to gain Armenian independence. This can be seen in their slogan "Azadoutioun gam Mah", which literally translates as "Freedom or Death". These bands committed sabotage activities like cutting telegraph lines and raiding army supplies. They also committed assassinations and counter-attacks on Muslim villages. They helped No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero defend themselves during village purges by Hamidieh guards. They were supported by Armenians and quickly gained fame, support and trust by them. These armenian guys are so badly confused. The Law is clear thoug. Article VIII: Any Contracting Party may call upon the competent organs of the United Nations to take such action under the Charter of the United Nations as they consider appropriate for the prevention and suppression of acts of genocide or any of No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero other acts enumerated in article. Article IX: Disputes between the Contracting Parties relating to the interpretation, application or fulfilment of the present Convention, including those relating to the responsibility of a State for genocide or for No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero of the other acts enumerated in article III, shall be submitted to the International Court of Justice at the request of any of the parties to the dispute. Here you see every thing is there for Armenians to apply. Aside from all your claims for race extermnination is being simply fake which your historian know very well ; the groups to be protected under the Convention mentioned in Article 2 are limited to four types, that No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Heronational, ethnical, racial and religious groups. Lemkin, who had defended the inclusion of the political groups, suggested himself during the deliberations on the draft text that the political groups be left outside the scope of the Convention. No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero Resolution No. This modification constitutes a highly important difference because history shows that the most frequently seen struggles -and the ones that claim the largest number of civilian lives- take place between groups with political aims. Accordingly, for example, the massacres committed in Cambodia by the Pol Pot regime causing the deaths of nearly two million civilians did not fall within the scope of the genocide definition given by the Convention. Similarly, the deaths that occurred in the framework of the October Revolution cannot be considered genocide. In line with many verdicts of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, save perhaps some Pusher - Falco - Data De Groove acts which will be judged in the future trials as genocidal, even the extensive Serbian ethnic cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina does not correspond to the definition of the crime of genocide. Unfortunately that is not true. Ottoman Armenians participated in this uprising if you could have at least read the link I have sent you about Armenian testimonies it was totally an Armenian link by the way you could have seen it. Dear Marshall we are aware that many innocent Armenians died and we are ready to face and deal with it. It is simply a shame!!! Just like a pregnat woman or a baby who is blown into pieces in Iraq or Palestine these people were the victims of a No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero war but if you keep on naming this conflict genocide we are drawn into radical opposition. We are ready to respect your deaths but what about our babies and mothers that were butchered by Armenian volunteers. Who will respect them? The real Denial is denieing that thousands of Armenians fougth a terible dirty war against Turk villagers. Until the silhouettes of curicified and burned Turk villagers were still on the walls of old houses in Erzurum. How are we supposed to forget that? You did not believe my personal family stories but how am I supposed to forget it? It is a shame that innocent Armenians perished between these crazy mans of Power. All these death people are hopefully in peace already but just like in the past some powers from inside or outside are playing with our people over and over and over and over again. Specific reason u want? Armenians killed Turks and Turks killed Armenians. Pretty simple! In addition, ottomans drove them from their homes and to be honest probably did what armenians claim what Turks did to them. Killed babies, mother etc We gota believe that and to be honest i believe those things happened but when it comes to our side of the story noone is supposed to believe that? Marshal u point that no source suggests armenians killing the turks right? How about the ottoman archives? Ever seen the movie "Platoon"? I like the observation they make there; "The first thing lost in war is innocense" My point? There are "unproud" moments in wars It is a fact, No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero is proud of it but thats what happens in wars What your people havent killed any turks to get independent and free? I know it doesnt make sense, but it was built up from your conclusions! It wouldnt matter tho since you have a prejudiced perspective. I mean afterall im a barbarian, a turk! Heh if it wasnt for my armenian, greek neioghbors in istanbul, i would be prejudiced also!!! Wont u consider all of them as back stabbers since after a war breaks up and armenians,greeks were the ones who betray us and join enemy forces!! Forget whatever the fuk No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero teach u in armenia and ask yourself which is more possible; "Kill and risk security on your eastern border, close to your enemy, by killin a bunch of minorities? Isnt the second scenario sounds more likely to happen? Havent a so many countries earned their freedom by helping the enemy of their ruler empire? It is easy to setup many photographs from archives whic taken by some unknown people. I am a Kurdish and I have live evidences. My relations also have been killed by No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero rebels at same time. May father was born at at Sarikamis. At early spring Armenian has attacked their willage and killed one paralyzed and his old aunt which is could not run. This example has been repeated by my old father till he died. This example shows how much Armenian was out of rules. The tragedy is bilateral and initiated by Armenian. Why Armenian not sueing France or Russia. They was equipped and armed by Russian and promised the independant greate Armenia. The Armenian was uprised and was out ruled. There was World War I and environment was quite unappropriate for living. There was lack of food and infectional dissaes and harsh living conditions. In No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero conditions some new non experianced Ottoman Pashas was issued some laws Techir Law which is not applicable. Because it was proven that Ottoman army was also unable to transport the power and maintain the law enforcement. Enver Pasha tried to move third armay from Erzurum to Sarikamis at 3'rd December till 5'th Jan The result was tragedia and They was defeated without facing Russians. The fact is that if you can't transport your army at such short distance how you transfer Armenian in even worse conditions? Unfortunately tragedia repeated itself. Turks can't apply systematic genocides and holocust,their character is not sound for this. I accept many Armenian was suffered but you also might accept Armenian was not so innocent as the example I give you initially. I don't want to explain what torture has been applied these two relations but any one can't kill anybody in such conditions and age. Amenians commited many killing scenarios in Kars and Erzurum willages. The Armenian should sueing Russia and France. Because these two of Armenian alliances has left them suddenly and Malfunction - Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Oh, I Guess We Were A Fucking Surf Band After All… ( remedy. They were supported and uprised by these countries and left alone by these countries. Low Light - Pearl Jam - Yield they were not cause this now all Armenias were living in Turkey borders like other minorities. This conflict should be left to historian No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero should study the case and clarify the case. Politic could not decide about No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero because their business is getting more votes and make profitable business. Turkish history could not be judged in any country parliment. Should be judged by historian. All of those solders had died. Weather was snowy and very cold. They got frozen. Unfortunately this walk had been their end. I will not do comments about this artical because there will be no change. I tried before and nothing changes. They copy No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero some strange and very long assays from some books to me. Assay like some English man reported this, some Greek reported that. Take a look at the No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero page if you would like to learn more about contributing to our encyclopedia. No need to say the article will be duely reverted to the last comprehensive version. Asterion15 April UTC. As usual some mongerers keep reverting and not noing that this isen't a forum about personal opinions. This is Wikipedia. This an encyclopediaNo mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero look it up. All of you who are fighting for an independant country or other political intensions I recommend forums or something like that. You disrespect us. You No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero who I am talking about. I am sick of your non-collaborative behaviour and your personal attacks. I am sick of your Wikistalking too. This is your last warning. Behave like a civilised person or else. Asterion16 April UTC. Thanks for invitation to participate in WikiProject Dardania. However, I will refuse that offer for now. The current unsolved status of Kosovo and the constant revert wars between Serbs and Albanians about Kosovo-related articles are not very good starting point for Wikipedia to have good articles related to Kosovo. Once the final status of Kosovo is solved in the end of this year, I will help you with this project because then we all will know correct definitions of Kosovo status, proper names that should be used for Kosovo articles, etc. Since we do not know these basic things at this moment, we cannot have good articles now. I know that the future status of Kosovo will define Kosovar Albanians as nation, not as a minority whether that status is My Way - Set It Off - The Deal or third republic in Serbia-Montenegroand Serbs and Albanians will have to learn to respect each other. However, it cannot come now. As I already told you, wait just few more months and the problems will be solved. Here is the problem boycoting the Kosovo articel - there are 2 documents that define current status of Kosovo:. I uderstand that first document is more important and that current status of Kosovo is only temporar solution, but regarding articles about Serbia-Montenegro and Serbia we should also to respect second document. I discuss only these two articles for now, because I will not work more on the Kosovo article until its final status is solved. So, in the articles about Serbia and Serbia-Montenegro, it is important to mention what is written in the constitutions of these states. So, tell me this: what exactly you object in the articles about Serbia and Serbia-Montenegro. Propose what exactly we should change, and we can discuss that. Of course the is temporar solution but the S and M is temporar solution too ony five year see the referendum in Montenegro. With Federal Law of Yoguslavia Serbia dont have legetimation to go in bund with sombady else withat asking the No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero in kosovo. With Federal Law the Presiden of the Soc. Argument: the kosovars have the travel document wich is No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero from countries. No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero this countrys are helping to finde the soulution. Of course they this countries have Il Faut Savoir - Aznavour* - Palais Des Congres 1994 interesis in the region but this it was recomendet from the UN. Serbia No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero that Kosovo is not a part of Rep. I have wrotit this with my broket english and I was thinking that you know the Yougoslavian Law. If you want Im going to finde argument about all wat I have sayed. But dont forget I must work in Albanian Wikipedia becaouse of my broked english und they need more help. They are going to be seperetit In Yugoslavia is going to be S. However, Kosovo cann not be prasenty as of Serbia or S. And the Kosovos citys are not the serbiens citys only becose the Republic name it was RS Serbia they are kosovars city. And the translation from sebian-kroatian language or beter to say komunist language for the term "Provic" in english like a "Provinc" hase no seanc. You canne user that No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero that dont present the real meaning of the term in komunist launguage. It was uset only to quite the sebien nacionalist elements becaouse they dieden wonti to hear the word "Republic" -- Hipi Zhdripi16 April UTC. Hi Hipi ZhdripiI still can't understand what you are trying to tell us. Well, at least you are trying to engage on the discussion. I will only answer to what I can actually understand:. Kosovo is defined as a province of Serbiawhich is one of the two contituent republic of the Federation. The territorial integrity of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro formerly known as Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is not denied by any country member of the UN. Asterion, you are itepreting samthing but that is not a argument. Every body know that all of this documet live two chois. One of them is going to be or Kosovo independent or the RS of Serbia is going to be de juro bloced. How yo ucan make the Constution with out knowing if this par No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero your or not? Serbian Constitution have putit Kosovo as part of rep. Serbia in one seid and in other seid maet with kosovar. They have in Serbian Constitucion the district of Kosovo wich are not legetimetet from nobody. The UN diden acceptyt the Rep. They have lete more move place to finde better way for Kosovo. The M. No bodoy in Word is going to make a bisnes with this state till the Parlament in Prishtina is Boycoting this state. Only the name has changed. You may have your opinion on whether Kosovo should be part of Serbia but this is irrelevant here as this is not a political forum —please note that I have never voiced mine on this matter as we are not here to change the world—. We have to stick to the current situation and describe it factually, that is: No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero is not independent and is indeed part of Serbia and this is recognised by whole of the International Community. If this changes in the future, Wikipedia would reflect it accordingly. Till then, this article should continue as it stands. No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero is this so difficult to understand? That ist you oven intepretaion. I have prasent so the law of Yugoslavia in wich the Kosovo was the part of Yugoslavia. And this Law says that wen this Federation ist destroit then for Serbia, Kosovo is malo morgen gut bay sweet hard. I hawe givet the UN document in wich is standin Kosovo is in Balkan. Now you can anderstat the different betwen Yufoslavia and dhe S-M. For Hipi Zhdripi: I posted these comments on your talk page, not here. If I wanted to post them on this page, I would do that. But ok, if you like my comments and want to quote what I said, do it, but ask me first before you do that in the future, ok? History of Kosovo is more imporrten after the year for the Wikipedia. Ther are the fact to understand way it was War ther. The History about the year befor it is beter to be putit atthe articel History of Kosovo. Since In Kosovo it was more then 4 year War and mor then 5 times Military state. Serbia dieden have a cahnche to kontrol this Provice only to clean from albanias. See the Cubrolovic plan. This plan needit money wich serbia dont have and Sllovenia and Croatia the dieden wontit to pay for Serbian plan becose of this it was war in Yugoslavia. Milosevic have called this plan in life after he Bite The Bullet - Motörhead - Ace Of Spades to power. Sorry but that is for you to decide. An encyclopaedia must contain information on all periods. Abuot the Serb Not it!!! See the Serbian history and No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero in Balkan history, history of Serbia. Dont forget if you two are going to make a troubel here you are going to make troubel to serbians. You dont have to forget this teritori it was autonomus territori During the Roman, Bisantin, Otomans, Yougoslavien Empire. The Histori of Rashka belong to history of Kosovo, but Im going to make a copromaise if the Orthosox Church wonte to be a history of Serbia I am going to acept that, but they are going to lose ol rigt in kosovo. Dont mix that. You can make the articel about Kosovo under the Serbial rull like about the Kosovo Vilajet unter the Otomans. You two are doing the same mistek like the Milosevic has don. Pleaes stop with edit wars in Kosovo artikel. The Rugova has sait that to Milosevic for more than 15 years, and now Togetherness - Buck Owens & Susan Raye - Were Gonna Get Together can see the kosovars are maen they oven State. Dont forget it Ivan Stambolic have said to Milosevic do you know wat you are doing? Im thik that you two, dont know wat you are doing. Please stop, and start thinkin how you want to presen the history of Serbia with Kosovo Church or with out the Kosovo Church, If you are going in this way you are losing the Church in Decani and the other Church in Kosovo. They are going to be merget with Church in Makedonia and Albania under the Constatinopel Church and they are going to be present in global Orthodox komunty unter the Skanderbeg flag. At the End of discusion you, you are saying Kosovo and Metohia. Stop this shit Edit war because you are destroin the image of Serbia. I dont wont that in the future all the Word see the Balkan als "treachery". You are pushin me to brig more document about the Serbian and Milosevic treachery to the kristians and Europe. In God name stop this stupid war. And work in the articel in wich you can be more usefull or make a articel about the kosovo citys in Serbian Wikipedia You have ther nothing about Kosovo ,-- Hipi Zhdripi17 April UTC. We prasent the Kosovo in Wikipedia as part of Yugoslavia OK this state is death but the user of Wikipedia is going to understan that wen he is linken to the articel Yougoslavia This is acordin to We prasent Serbia and Montenegro as part of Yugoslavia. OK Rongrakatikatong - Soviet Suprem - Linternationale state is death but the user of Wikipedia is going to understan that wen he is linken to the articel Yougoslavia This is acording to All of templetears, No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Heromaps ect they are going to be Inimă, Nu Mă Lăsa - Benone Sinulescu - Cîntece De Voie Bună it like it is in In Yugoslavia. If sombody dont wont this he wan only Edit war because this is acording to all UN documents. Its the true and all we know that in is saying that Kosovo is a part of Yougoslavia an is protectoria of the UN. Its the true that Serba and Motenegro have chanched the name. Then let as make in this way too in the part f definition of the contrys, provinces or wat ever is that. They hawe maket redirect than we are going to do the same thing. All this is confius but with redirect we can make the sam think. The basic knowledge of the standards of English language is a must-have for Wikipedia. Either try to write more clearly, or abandon your efforts. Sorry, but I have nothing else to say, because your edits are overflowing this talk page and are not understandable. Really sorry, but please, try to write more clearly, if you don't have time for a quick lesson. This is Edit war. You can call for help and juctice. And the must read the No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero defencive war. Hipi has sayit to you in Gods name. But you didt wontit. You want to destroy the Wikipedia with your mytology and propaganda. No Personal attacks, please! English [1]. Panonia and Ilir must be 2 temporaly administrators for Ex-Yugoslavien articels in Wikipedia. The page of Ex-Yougoslavia, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro, Kosovo they must be protceted temporelly till the status of Kosovo is not decided. Each user can let his work at the discussion page. These two administrators are going to contol this, if that work is according to the rezolution and if that must be put to the articel. This is a compromise. This has to do with project, not with sciecne. With the science you can not make compromise. With compromise, you can make a human Law. With the human Law you have chance to make science. I know that this was not planed in this project called Wikipedia. But for the sciene we must do that. With that, we are doing nothing else, just protecting Wikipedia from Edit Wars. This is the Law in Balkan: to protect the Children at War time. Im a Kosovar I dont hate no body, the only thing, what I hate is mytology in science. Deutsch German [2]. Jeder Benutzer kann seine Arbeit auf der Diskussionsseite lassen. Die beiden Administratoren kontrollieren dies und wenn dies inhaltlich mit der Resolution zu vereinbaren ist, koennen sie entscheiden, ob es in den Artikel uebertragen werden soll. Das ist Touch Them - Various - Rocksteady Hits The Town Kompromiss. Das hat mit dem Projekt zu tun, aber nicht mit Wissenschaft. Mit der Wissenschaft kann man keine Kompromisse machen. Mit Kompromissen kann man ein zwischenmenschliches Gesetz machen. Dieses Gesetzt hilft der Wissenschaft. Ich weiss, das so etwas nicht in diesem Wikipediaprojekt geplant war, aber fuer die Wissenschaft, im Namen der Wissenschaft, muessen wir das tun. Damit machen wir nichts, wir schuetzen nur Wikipedia vorm Bearbeitungskrieg von Seiten. Ich bin ein Kosovar und hasse niemanden. Die einzige Sache, die ich hasse, ist die Mythologie in Wissenschaft. How nice Hipi Zhdripi, you first proposed me for administrator, and then insulted me on my talk page It is your signature there. No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero is obviously because I reverted your changes on several maps of Serbia and Serbia-Montenegro. However, what you done with these maps was clear vandalism. You proposed some of these maps for deletion with no proper reason the only reason why you proposed them for deletion is because Kosovo is drawn as a part of Serbia there. You certainly cannot to deny that Kosovo was part of Serbia between and even if we can argue is it still part of Serbia or only of Serbia-Montenegroand even if Kosovo became independent, these maps that show Kosovo as part of Serbia should not be deleted because they will have historical purpose in that case since they will show borders of Serbia as they were in one historical period. And by the way, I do not want to be an administrator here, thanks for the offer and thanks again for insults on my talk page. If I proposed you and Ilir for administrator that is not meaning that you have right. The only risen becose I proposed you and Ilir is that you two are traing to make a article with sence. Im watching the work of all the user names here, I have some eksperienc with Wikipedia Not it!! I not only a member of the english Wikipediaand every user hier hase more than one user name. I have someny problems not only in this Wikipedia, with many user names AOL is a big problem. Since that time this page it was more under protection als free. This page was under atack from both seids. To stop this peopel and to protect the image of Wikipedia I have proposied that. I think is normal for Wikipedia to have dispputs but not for more than years Edit Wars with some breacks. But your peopel the dont wont to understand. You have creatit some historical maps, they are not so bad. But the problem is that other serbian user name prasent this map als argument for the present for they your maps are the present sitution. Beacose of that in many maps I have writet that they are the historical maps. No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Herobut the eduction of the serbian peopel must be with the present data, in other way they are going to sleep and wayting wat the No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero is saying-- Hipi ZhdripiNo mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero April UTC. No argumet!!! Sombody have putit this Kosovo place in Serbia stub or category or template here with out argumet. We have tha Constitution of this countrie but we have the rez. Till we dont have a clearly argument from UN, aricel about Kosovo must be out of this stub or category or template. Pleas dont make No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero discution with intepretation or the Law wich are not accordin to Everybodoy can do that but that is nothing for Wikipedia. I agree with HolyRomanEmperor. I have not been active on this article, but I should have No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero least some understanding of what you are talking about and I really don't. Perhaps you should become more involved in the Wikipedia of whatever your native language is, or some other language New Wave Girl - These Animal Men - Accident & Emergency know well. It is true that English Wikipedia is by far the largest, but No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero wikipedias of other langugages are also good to work on. Dont remove It was revomet from Administrator User talk:Katefan0 - is not My My My (Edit) - Various - Club Sounds Vol. 31 and dont know nothing about the articel. Someone please move this page to an archive. Too much talking here already. Hard to follow. And someone stop vandalizing my removing the external links, and pro-Albanian and pro-Serbian links that I added. First discuss why No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero do that, and then remove. Or if you have templates which you seem to have, and have compiled according to your wishes please update them with the links I suggested. If the links are not useful, let me know. Either is too exclude the other map of the regions in Kosovo. Why not have both in the article but keep the map of Alex Palmer feat. Mass - My Love Is For You in the infobox? Btw, what happend to the gallery section? I think that I'm going to abandon the Kosovo article. Hipi has me totally repulsed now that I see with what sort of people we're dealing with. The name of the section The arrival of Slavs and other tribes is No mOre -mUsiC Komite- - Folk Hero


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