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Midday On Dainton Bank, December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio

Download Midday On Dainton Bank, December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio

The return train left 3. Summer - 11 June - 16 September The Cheltenham Spa Express title was inaugurated on 11 June not 17 September as has been widely stated and was given to the 8.

The return train left Paddington at 4. There is now a 6 minute halt while the train is reduced before it December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio to reach Cheltenham for 7. It is only on the mile section between Paddington to Gloucester, that the train is its full length of 8 or 9 coaches.

Reversal takes place at Gloucester where 4 or 5 coaches are added or detached, and instead of the Castle used to and from Paddington, the engine will be a T, often proudly showing the headboard for the 7 mile run. Below This superb photograph by Norman Preedy of 'Castle' class No Earl of St Germans is alleged to have been taken on Thursday 2 Augustbut Swindon records show that it was coupled with Collett tender No on that date, not a Hawksworth tender as seen here.

Notwithstanding this discrepancy in detail, the Shrewsbury shed 84G engine is in excellent condition as it approaches Parson's Tunnel with the 8. A sunny day and a well turned out locomotive augurs well for the journey.

Above Having taken over the 9. The locomotive will be replaced here by a Newton Abbot engine for the journey south. No was allocated to Shrewsbury shed between November and Octoberprior to its transfer to Wolverhampton Stafford Road. Below Memories of the named holiday trains on the Devon coast between Teignmouth and Dawlish are enough to make your pulse race! The next stop will be Exeter at The train ran only when traffic was especially heavy, so any functioning locomotive was pressed into service, which is clearly the case here.

The train was timed to arrive at Paddington by 5. It has gathered speed by now entering Saltford station, 7 miles from Temple Meads, with just over miles to go before arrival at Paddington at 5.

It was withdrawn in September This is a typical summer Saturday in the s, with at least sixteen orderly spotters congregated at the platform end. Winter - 17 September June The Royal Duchy title was given on Monday 28 January and not some other date as has been stated to the December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio 1. The down train was first hauled by King George V, the train conveniently being numbered Train numbers in this December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio were mostly unchanged apart from the discontinuance of the Friday and Saturday Summer holiday trains.

Motive power for this train this was varied: sometimes a King, December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio a Castle, more than once in the Summer of a class On other occasions, a Modified Hall was used, and in extremis, a Collett Hall.

Back to this picture, had a Heavy Intermediate overhaul at Swindon Works in early I believe this photograph was taken soon after. Staying with the subject of named trains, British Railways made great strides with the fitting of titled December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio headboards to the front of locomotives. The standard pattern keystone-shaped headboards had polished Gill Sans lettering mounted on a black background later red was adopted by the London Midland Region and blue by the Eastern Region.

Byhowever, the Western region took full advantage of BR's leniency towards the uniformity of headboard designs, including changes to the wording on the headboards too. For example, the WR's new 'Cornish Riviera Express' headboard included a cast crest which superceded the earlier shorter 'Cornish Riviera' title. A wonderful chance to purchase a beautifully crafted piece of BR's Western Region's history from the Swindon factory went under the hammer at a Sheffield Railwayana Auction in June This wooden pattern right for the 'Cheltenham Spa Express' was used to cast the aluminium headboard, and came complete with the 'Shop Copy' of the original drawings and specifications first drawn in with further modifications dated and The drawings show details of all dimensions, sizes, Midday On Dainton Bank, motif, colouring and finishes.

The express had the nickname 'Cheltenham Flyer' after various accelerations in the s, but this was never officially used. The name lasted well into the s. This pattern was used to make the mould to cast the aluminium headboard and came complete with the 'Shop Copy' of the original drawings and specifications dated The drawings show all details of dimensions, sizes, lettering, motif, colouring and finishes. The train was introduced by the Western Region in running between Paddington and Weston-Super-Mare via Bristol; the service was named after the Society of Merchant Venturers, a private entrepreneurial and charitable organisation that was formed in 13th century Bristol.

Like the previous lots it came complete with the 'Shop Copy' of the December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio drawings Midday On Dainton Bank specifications dated Introduced by the Western Midday On Dainton Bank on 8 Junethe train was the Above This style of BR headboard was used from the introduction of the titled train until the summer of Insert left The name 'Capitals United' was originally used between and by British Railways Western Region for the service between London and Cardiff-Swansea to highlight the importance of the rail link between the capitals of England and Wales.

Summer - 17 June - 15 September Having brought the down 'Torbay Express' to Kingswear, the loco was turned and its next job is this one, a Paignton to Newton Abbot empty stock train ecs. Despite the changeover, keeps the down headboard aloft, while the lamp code has been altered from express to ecs. This was probably the second busiest Saturday of the Summer, with use made of every serviceable loco and carriage.

Above Although Cardiff Canton's 'Britannias' were the usual motive power on the prestigious titled trains between London and South Wales, their well-kept 'Castles' did appear from time to time. Having departed Paddington at 5. I just wonder if a Britannia was 'relegated' to train the 5. Please note - as mentioned at the top of the page, it is inevitable that some lists will require updating from time Midday On Dainton Bank time.

The revisions may involve replacing the whole PDF or simply posting a revision note on this page. The latter is the case here. Below Timed to Midday On Dainton Bank Wellington in Somerset at 1. No had been a Taunton loco for some years and would know this terrain rather well; it remained at 83B Taunton until it was withdrawn in November Below Departing Llanelly at 8. Starting from Carmarthen at December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio.

Rhuddlan Castle is a suitable loco to be shedded at Landore at this time; indeed from it was based at a variety of Welsh sheds including Canton, Carmarthen, Llanelly, Goodwick and Cardiff East Dock before withdrawal came in June It had been Midday On Dainton Bank of the five Castles converted to oil burning in Octoberconverted back in August Photo is by Hugh Davies. Its next move came five years later in February when joined forces with 14 other Britannia class engines Nos concentrated at Cardiff Canton 86C for use on the London expresses, including the 'Capitals United Express'.

Below The title 'Mayflower' was newly introduced in June for the 5. The up service departed Plymouth at 8. This train was one of the very few WR trains left which ran with a slip coach. On this Thursday, and on several Fridays in the peak summer season, the slipping was not done, the train stopped at Reading instead.

This was to attach a pilot loco that had come from Reading shed, so as to give Paddington a loco and a crew for an extra holiday down train later in the day. Winter - 16 September - 8 June Under Construction On the first day of the winter timetable Monday 16 September the long-running 7. The up train was a combination of two 4-car portions, the 7. The Worcester-Paddington leg was run each Aint That A Kick In The Head - Robbie Williams - One Night At The Palladium (Blu-ray) by a Worcester-based 'Castle' class locomotive, with stops He Moke Moke (My Lover Is Far Away) - Rotorua Maori Choir - Rotorua Maori Choir No.

2 (Vinyl, Album) at Evesham 9. Paddington was reached at The service ran Mondays-Saturdays only. The down service left Paddington at 4. The front Hereford portion then left to reach that city at 8. Left The Western Region's 'Cathedrals Express' headboard was a typically flamboyant affair; this weather-beaten example went under the hammer at a Great Western Railwayana Auction in May The titled train first appeared in the Western Region timetable on 16th September From 16 October until 17 DecemberNo was at Swindon Works having a Heavy Intermediate overhaul, including the moving of the forward lubricator from behind the steam pipe to in front of it; a regular occurrence when also acquiring a double chimney, but less often when remaining a single chimney, as here.

The unit can be seen on the offside front of the frame. After a short spell back at Gloucester, moved to its new home shed of Worcester on 2 Februaryand this was its base Mi Segundo Nombre Es Fiesta - Cartel De Santa - Vol.

II exactly days. Being an 85A loco, it was regularly to be seen on the Cathedrals Express, which became train number as from 14 June Above-Below As from 13 Junethe departure time for the up Cathedrals Express reverted to the former 7. As from Monday 2 Novemberdue to the start of upgrading of the main line from Euston to the Midlands, less express trains were run on that route, therefore some additional December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio from Paddington Riverboat Gamblers* - The Wolf You Feed (Vinyl, Album) introduced to compensate.

One effect was to cause the retiming of the Cathedrals Express. The up train ran 2 hours later, and the down train ran 2 hours earlier, enabling the same engine to be used on both. From this date, the up train became the 9. The 2 portions were then separated and the Hereford portion left to reach there at 6.

As from Monday 13 Junethe service returned to both its original up and down times. These essentially stayed the same until 11 September when the down service had a later start at 5. The arrival of the up service varied at Paddington over the years between Also, during the steam era the train numbers were December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio for both up and down services as shown below The up train always stayed as A22 from The engine seemed always to retain the up run number for the down run.

From 14 Junephotographs of many down 'Cathedral Express' services carry the headboard wrongly. In these cases it is the loco for the up Cathedrals service returning, usually on the 1. The down service ex-Paddington, either 4. Photographs exist with steam locos showing the Cathedrals headboard and a number such asA42, A43, A62 or A The prefix 'A' always meant a 'destination in the London district', in this case Paddington. So in these photos, the loco is returning to Worcester with the down Cathedrals Express, 4.

Photos exist of these trains with a Hall or Modified Hall on the front. Of course such substitutes happened throughout the network but the usual haulage was a Worcester Castle, for which that shed December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio a high reputation for its upkeep. The number of carriages could also vary: there might be up to two additional carriages from Hereford-Worcester; also the other portion Midday On Dainton Bank not cease at Kidderminster but travel the further 7 miles to Stourbridge Junction, miles from Paddington.

The J prefix applied as from the Summer timetable to trains destined beyond Worcester and Shrewsbury on WR metals. Below Returning to the winter timetable, this is Religio - Astral & Shit - No One (File, Album, MP3) shot December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio the rarely photographed trainthe 3.

Train used to Midday On Dainton Bank the number for the 12 noon from Penzance to Crewe, with carriages for Glasgow, but this was changed December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio in ; its relief,remained unchanged for the Plymouth-Bristol section of miles. Summer - 9 June - 14 September Train numbers in this period from Paddington to all destinations were revised to new numbers that were only a few digits different to Nokas II - Geir Jenssen - Nokas [Soundtrack] EP that applied before.

Elsewhere, numbers mostly stayed as before. Barely legible on the smokebox door is a chalked 'No 1' which indicates one of the early Saturday morning empty stock trains into Paddington from the London division sheds to augment the busy summer timetable.

Numbered 1 to 5, the trains consisted of stock, a loco and crew to assist with the heavy increase in weekend traffic. The 'No 1' has stayed there since Saturday 19th. In Micheals Monetary System - Eater - The Album summer of Midday On Dainton Bank, enters Paddington with an excursion from Wolverhampton; note the double chimney and slotted bogie. The overall design of the 'King' bogie was a characteristic feature of the Class 8Ps; the large cylinders led to clearance problems on curves but this was overcome by designing the bogie frame so that the rear axle boxes were inside the frames and the front ones outside.

However, the reason for the slotted bogie remains something of an enigma. It is, unfortunately impossible at this stage to provide a definitive list of which Kings used the slotted bogie and when.

Combining reports in the RCTS Locomotives of the GWR and photographic evidence, it is possible December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio offer only the following scant details: seems to have had the bogie in Above Prior to departure from Exeter St David's with the 1. The locomotive is sporting a Bristol Bath Road shedcode 82A following its move from 82B earlier that month; however not long after No was transferred to Cardiff Canton 86C.

Below Taken at about 7. Train number applied only to this service in the Summer timetable, so this picture was taken between 9 June and 14 September by the renowned railway photographer, Maurice Earley. Below 'Castle' class No Swindon is sporting a Swindon 82C shedplate on the smokebox door, albeit the photo was taken after the engine had been reallocated to Cardiff Canton 86C in early June The actual date of the picture can be narrowed down to the couple of weeks before the commencement of the Summer timetable; the reporting number This train was a Canton turn back from Shrewsbury off the 8.

Alas its short stay at Canton Lookin For Love - Johnny Duncan - Youre On My Mind not long enough for the cleaners to get their teeth into it! Midday On Dainton Bank returned to 82C in July looking as grubby Ben Küskünüm Feleğe - Bülent Ersoy - Orkide II it did when it left there.

My thanks to Richard Woodley for answering my query regarding the use of a Swindon engine on December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio duty. Winter - Midday On Dainton Bank September - 14 June A total revision of all train numbers throughout the Western Region began with this timetable.

The series applied to those terminating in the Bristol District, the series to those terminating in the Exeter District, the series to those in the Plymouth District, the series to Cheltenham, from onwards to Cardiff, from onwards to places in South Wales, from to the Midlands.

The series was split between those to Hereford, and those beyond the Midlands in the north-west. Above Approaching Stoneycombe Quarry on the climb of Dainton Bank, an immaculate 'County' class County of Caernarvon, a long-time resident of Laira shed throughout the s, heads the 9. No obtained a double chimney in January Although the precise date is not known, Holy Father - Singing Southern Jubilees - Southern Jubilee can glean from the photo that was the train reporting number for the up 'Pembroke Coast Express' during the Winter timetable, plus emerged from Swindon Works after a Heavy Intermediate overhaul in Octoberso my guess is the photograph was Калино Моме - Гаро* И Браќата Тавитјан* - Македонското Срце Чука Во 7/8 soon after it had been run in and returned to Landore.

Summer - 15 June - 13 September Doubtless being a holiday Saturday, it will take quite a time for the returning holidaymakers to reach their destination, but the WR will do their best, with a well turned out and good looking engine along well kept track.

Above In the Summer timetable, King Richard II hauls trainthe 6pm to Weymouth out of Paddington, this unique to me photo being taken near Westbourne Park, with its first stop being at Newbury 52 miles ahead.

Disappearing on the up empty Dont Waste Your Love On Me - After Tea - National Disaster / After Tea carriage line is a later departure. Those milk trains were very heavy, 16 loaded milk tanks made tons, plus at least one van. The principle behind the revision introduced for the Winter timetable was extended to include all the holiday trains, and to assign numbers to trains that hitherto had been numbered.

Some of the trains listed ran on other days to those shown when traffic required, and may or may not have been numbered then. These numbers applied from the start of the Summer TimetableMonday 15 June and ended one year later on Sunday 12 June Note that almost all the SO trains ran only in the Summer holiday period, and then on various dates within that period, and not throughout; Midday On Dainton Bank were called 'dated trains'.

The Winter timetable began Monday 14 September and all SO holiday extras then ceased or had ceased before then. Also ceasing were the many Friday Night trains to Devon and Cornwall, which took holidaymakers on long journeys, so that they could be at their resort during Saturday and not miss a day's holiday.

Saturday 26 September was the last Plastic World - DJ Amir - Vol. 7 Da Bitch that boat trains ran to and Sumerian Awakening - Impending Doom - Signum Of Hate Paddington to Weymouth; in the future London trains used Waterloo only.

That means the Weymouth Quay trains listed here, ceased on that date, while the Weymouth Town ones continued. As from Monday 2 Novembersome December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio trains were run between Paddington and the Midlands.

The reason for this was the London Midland Region line to and from Euston began to suffer restrictions due to work starting on electrifying the West Coast Main Line. Those changes I am aware of, are shown at the end of this listing. In the Spring ofIts Only Money - Thin Lizzy - Nightlife the approach to the Whitsun weekend Whit Sunday was 5 June a few of the Summer holiday trains ran again, before the Summer timetable began.

Some others ran with formerly unused numbers, noted at the end of this listing. As in all previous years, some trains shown as terminating at Plymouth or Penzance, also contained a portion for the Kingswear branch which was detached at Exeter or Newton Abbot, and then taken onwards, often with a few additional carriages, as a semi-fast train.

The reverse procedure was used on the return journeys. The existence of those trains with this branch portion is not noted in these lists.

A few trains started or terminated at Birmingham Moor Street, Bristol Stapleton Road, and the other Manchester stations, Victoria and Exchange, and these are specifically noted. All trains shown as terminating Swansea, means High Street Station.

Only the WR numbers of such trains when on WR territory are therefore shown. This train carried no public passengers and its purpose was to bring down dining and restaurant cars for the up trains from Cornwall that contained such a car the following day. The loco went as far as Plymouth when a West Country loco took it forward to Truro where the cars were separated and shunted into the correct position with the rest of the passenger coaches of the next day's trains.

The train was unique to Plymouth with an A class lamp code, a train number, and no paying passengers. Photo is by J Davenport, Initial Photographics Built in Maythe now-preserved spent most of its working life working from Old Oak Common. The engine moved to Worcester infollowed by spells at Newton Abbot and Laira before a final transfer in to Cardiff East Dock from where it was withdrawn in December the following year.

Sold for scrap to Woodham Brothers in Junethe loco languished at the Barry Scrapyard for a further 12 years before being rescued in May The incorrect train reporting number is yet another case of mistaken identity, for No had taken the down 'Cambrian Coast Express' earlier that day but retained the same number for its return working to the capital.

This run-down 'Hall' is a far cry from spick and span 'King' and 'Castle' class locomotives that previously carried '' on their train reporting frames.

This number was displayed between June and June by locomotives hauling arguably one of Britain's most famous trains, the December 4th - No Artist - Westerns - Diesel Hydraulics On The Western Regio 'Cornish Riviera Express'.

Richard kindly replied - 'Two days after the introduction of the minute 'Bristolian' schedule, one of the two diesels destined to haul Tuesday's down train from Paddington failed on its way up overnight Monday. Old Oak Common was ready to turn out No for the 'Bristolian' with the correct number but higher authority countermanded this. The result can be seen here; the down 'Bristolian' number appeared on the down 'Cornish Riviera Express'! The photo is by Andrew Ingram.

Below British Railway Civil Engineers have always been influenced by the Sunday timetable as the infrequency of trains allows them to gain almost uninterrupted possession of Hurt Me - Johnny Thunders - Hurt Me lines.

The display features artifacts, photos and other material from the Re…. Sign Up Log In. Dashboard Logout. Share this. A look at railroads and rail crossings in Northwest Indiana during the mids. NWI railroads. Tags Sweeps Railroad.

Related to this collection. Destination and origin have to be different. Outbound journey departure station. Outbound journey arrival station. Outbound journey date. Depart after Arrive before. Outbound journey time. Single Return Open Return. Return journey time. Add another railcard. AF Air Filter Set. SR Speed Recorder. DP Drain Pipe Details. RA "Firecracker" Antenna. SV Cab Sun Visors. PL Plow Pilot.


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